Your Year End Evaluation Checklist

As we head closer to 2018, this is a great time to evaluate 2017 and plan for an even greater new year.  Use this checklist to set yourself up for a great 2018!

Your Year End Evaluation Checklist

1. What were your accomplishments. How did you move your business forward this year?What were the obstacles that kept you from hitting last year’s goals?

2. What are the challenges that you still need to overcome?  How can you overcome your obstacles in the new years?  Be brutally honest about problems and spend the time needed to find the best solutions.

3. What are your developmental goals?  Professional development is an important area for business success.  Do you need new skills?  For internet marketing, website creation and development, SEO, advertising and marketing, social media management, computer programming, and content marketing are all helpful areas.  Some of these you can hire out to others.  What areas do you need to develop for yourself and your business success?

4. What are your strengths?  How can you maximize them in the new year?

5. What are your weaknesses?   How can you improve on them in the new year? 

6. What did you do this year that you can do better in the new year?   How can you plan now to improve in this area?

7. What are your biggest business priorities right now?  How can you plan now to achieve them?

8. How can  you make your work easier?  Have you automated everything that can be automated?  Have you built a team around yourself that will help propel your success?

9. Who can you ask to get another perspective on your work?  A second set of eyes can be extremely beneficial, seeing things that you are missing.  Who can you trust to give you helpful, constructive criticism?

10. Do you need a mentor?  A new year can be a good time to start with a mentor.  Here’s some helpful information on choosing a mentor.

11. How is your growth mindset?  If you need to work this, this post on growth hacking can help you.

How did you check out?  What would you add to this checklist?  I welcome your comments and questions and your likes and shares.

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