4 Tips For Your Real Business


Whether you are an affiliate marketer or a creator of original products, there’s something that is essential for you to understand about your business.  When you strip away all the bells and whistles, you are in the communication business.  If you can communicate in a compelling way, you can be successful.  The better you communicate, the more you will be successful.  So, what does it take to be a successful communicator?

  1.  Know your audience.  Writing emails or sales copy for stay-at-home mothers of preschool children is different than writing for professionals putting in 60+ hours a week in the marketplace.  The preschool moms are likely putting in more hours at home than the professionals at home or work, and even if the pros are telecommuters, their lives are much different than the mothers.  So, who are you writing for?  What is your target audience?  How will you communicate with them in a way that is compelling?
  2.  If you know your audience, then you have an idea of their biases.  Everyone hears what they want to hear.  What filters change and distort the message that you are trying to communicate?  The biases of your readers, whether it’s their personal history, their personality, or their strengths and weaknesses will effect how they hear your message. How will you craft your message to slip through their filters with a minimum of distortion?
  3.  Do you understand the distractions that limit how well your message is received?  The average American receives 5,000 or more commercial messages most days.  How can your message cut through that clutter and make an impression?  Not only are you competing with every other commercial message that your readers receive, you are also likely offering a conflicting message to some other message that they’ve already received.  How will you effectively deal with that?
  4.  Along with an avalanche of commercial messages competing with your message, your readers are also likely under time pressure. This means that you need to use all kinds of approaches to communicate to what I call the skim and scanners.  Do you know how to communicate to skim and scanners as well as those who read every word?

These are just four of the issues that affect your ability to effectively communicate for your business.  Your ability to master these areas can greatly affect your business success online. Master these issues and you can become a master communicator and a highly successful internet marketer!

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