What You Need to Know About Personal Branding…

Today’s Throwback Thursday post returns from September, 2014.  It has been revised and expanded.


How much have you thought about branding for your internet business?   If you haven’t thought about it at all you are missing out on an extremely important element of your marketing.  Personal branding is all about your reputation online and this is something that is massively important for you to build and maintain.  Your branding is your identity and reputation in the eyes of your audience.

If prospects don’t know, like, and trust you, your internet business will not be successful.  Your personal branding is how you can build your credibility and expand your influence.  So, how can you maximize your personal brand?

First, what is your why?  What is the mission and vision of your business?  What drives who you are and what do you have to offer to others?  Your beliefs, values, ideas and dreams will all feed your why.  This is what will come out on your blog (I hope that you have one), your emails (I also hope that you’re growing an email list), really, everything that you do.

Second, what do you do best?  What do you have that will be valuable to others?  What is distinctive about what you bring to your area of expertise?  In other words, what sets you apart from your competitors?

Once you have clarity on your why and what you do best, you are ready to create your personal branding.

The 3 P’s of Branding

Here are three p’s that I have discovered that show how personal branding works.

First, promise.  When people get to know you and your business online they are wondering whether they can trust you.  To break through their skepticism and initial distrust, you either make and deliver on promises or you become just another piece of the clutter and noise on the internet.

In your interactions with your potential customers or clients, do you deliver valuable content?  Do you demonstrate that you get results?  Have you proven to them that you can be trusted?

Second, purpose.  Through your marketing, whether it’s on social media, in solo ads, or some other medium, you are communicating purpose or again, you’re just part of the clutter and noise.  If you’re just part of the clutter and noise, people learn to tune you out or turn you off.  You communicate purpose when you tell your prospects what you can do for them.

“Earn your first $1,000 Online!”  “Lose 5 pounds this week!”  “Find your soulmate tonight!”

What is the purpose of your personal brand?  What can you do for others?  Why should they pay attention to you?  If your purpose connects with them and they trust you, you’re on your way! (yeah, I like exclamation points!)

Third, perception.  Everything you do on the internet adds up to how others perceive you. What people think and feel about you adds up to whether they will like and trust you.  So, how are you presenting yourself online?  The way you manage your public persona will determine how effective your personal branding is.  Your personal branding will make or break your business.

That’s it, that’s the 3 P’s of social branding, and when you are marshaling these forces for your business in a positive way, your bottom line will be growing and you will be prospering.

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