Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

Today’s Throwback Thursday post returns from March, 2014.  It has been revised and expanded.  ed.

Have you heard of Michelle Schroeder?  Probably not, but she earns $100,000 a month, and half of that comes from affiliate marketing.

How about John Chow?  He has earned $4 million, primarily as an affiliate marketer.  Chow boasts that he went from 0 to earning $40,000 a month from his blog in just two years.  And by working only 2 hours a day.

Rae “Sugarrae” Hoffman is another top affiliate marketer.  This is what she says about her website:
“As far as revenue goes, I’m not going to give specific numbers, because it’s frankly none of your damn business. But what I will tell you is that the annual net revenue you could have made with the site would have put you in the top 15% of annual household incomes.”

How about Mark Ling?  He started affiliate marketing in 1999.  His current net worth is estimated at $12 million.

Do you think that Michelle, John, Sugarrae, and Mark are geniuses?  They’d each tell you that they’re not, but they have learned how to make money through affiliate marketing.  You can too.

Affiliate marketing is a way to make money by helping other businesses sell their products. The internet has opened up all kinds of new ways to do this and has made the field even more profitable for savvy marketers.  By learning the different aspects of the internet sales process you can become a savvy internet marketer yourself.  It isn’t as hard as you might think, if you are learning from the best.

The Keys to Affiliate Marketing

What are the keys to affiliate marketing?  First, the right product is essential.  If you are marketing a product that no one wants, no one benefits and few will buy.  If it is a product that people are interested in, but it under performs, you lose credibility and reputation.  A good quality product that benefits others is what you are after.

Next, traffic is essential.  With heavy traffic, chances are better that you will find those who will most benefit from the products that you are marketing.   You can learn how to generate heavy traffic.  Click on the tab in the right sidebar on traffic generation for posts on this subject.

Third, as I mentioned in the first point above, the trust that you create with your readers and (hopefully) customers will help you build a reputable affiliate marketing platform for yourself. You can establish trust through your honesty, clarity, and integrity.

Writing good sales copy is also important, and I’ve created Irresistible Influence Marketing to help you with this.  Check out my helpful products here.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent field for a first or second career.  If you want to learn more, learn from one of the best, the $12 million man, Mark Ling, by clicking here.

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