What Can You Learn From Donald Trump?


What does The Donald have to do with your business?  Plenty if you know anything about his story.  Trump is currently the front-runner for the Republican nomination to be our next president.  He is also the odds-on candidate to lose his front-running status.

Trump is a polarizing figure.  His bombast, bravado, and utter disregard for what others think make him a media darling (sort of) and someone many people don’t like.

First, how did he get to this position?  Let’s start with his business background.  Did you know that he has filed for bankruptcy three times?  Now his reported net worth is over $10 billion, but there were three major failures along the way.  Can you relate?  Three major failures didn’t stop Trump.

Are there obstacles to your success that discourage you?  Take heart, it’s ain’t over til it’s over and as long as you stay in the game, improve your game, and determine that you will move forward no matter what, there is nothing that can stop you.  Keep pressing on, no matter what and you will succeed.  It may take longer than you planned or imagined, but keep working toward your goals.

Second, Trump has earned a reputation for straight talk.  He’s the guy who will say what others won’t say.  Part of that package is that he also says some outlandish things, he can be nasty, and he can get very personal, even ugly, with those who disagree with him.

What’s the takeaway on Trump’s straight talk?  First, outlandish statements hurt credibility by offering people reasons to doubt your honesty.  So, if you make statements like “this way to one million dollars in three days,” people will learn to tune you out.  You will establish your honesty by making credible statements.

Second, people like straight talk to a degree. Honesty will be rewarded in the marketplace, but there’s also a cautionary tale in Trump’s “honesty.”  Honesty must be tied to respect for others.  Nastiness doesn’t win points with the electorate or with consumers (really, the same people).

The next takeaway is what I’ve been saying all along – people need to like and trust you. If they don’t, your business is dead.  Trump’s bravado has gotten him far, but it will also likely lead to his downfall.  Trump talks big, but can he really deliver?

Honesty builds trust.  Outlandishness hurts trust. Nastiness hurts likeability.  Use a pleasant, conversational tone in your communications with your prospects and customers and you will be on the winning road. Stay out of the ditches of nastiness and outlandishness and you’ll stay on the winning road.

There’s a lot to learn from Donald Trump, positive and negative.  He’s provocative to a fault, which the media loves.  He turns into an attack dog when he feels that he is disrespected and this is not attractive.  What works in real estate development isn’t necessarily effective for politics or your online business.  Still, take the good, toss out the bad, and use the good to build your own business empire.


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