Webinars Convert

Did you know that webinars (an internet-based seminar) has high income potential for hosts and for affiliates who market webinars to those interested in this learning format?  Webinars are widely popular and one webinar hosting site boasts an up to 40% conversion rate (the percentage of visits to a site that result in a sale).

Through webinars, learning happens in a visual and audio format that supports PowerPoint presentations, interactive chat, whiteboard teaching, polls, and all kinds of creative ways to reach an interested audience with valuable content.

Whether it’s live or on demand, webinars sell.  While you may doubt the 40% conversion rate, webinars do have higher conversion rates than other internet marketing products, according to Pawel Reszka, founder of Affhelper.com.

So, whether you are interested in producing your own webinars on topics of interest to others or marketing the webinars produced by others, this may be a niche where you can place yourself for strong profits.



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