12 Tips For Reddit Marketing



What would it mean for your business to be on “The Front Page of the Internet?”  That’s how reddit bills themselves.  The reddit site is a mixture of news, stories, and links.  In June 2011, reddit had nearly 2 million unique visitors.  Are you sitting down?  Mashable reports that reddit had 71 billion pages views in 2014.

I just checked Quantcast, and as I write, reddit is now reaching 8,128,133 visitors monthly. That makes reddit the 154th most visited site in the United States.  reddit readers are primarily Americans, with Canadians a close second.

reddit is a massive free and open sharing platform that is bigger than Expedia, J.C. Penney, and Monster.com.  Who wouldn’t want to tap into a market with that many people?  When you can do it for free, what’s better than that?  A friend of a friend turned me on to reddit and I’m now using it for my online business.  Here are my 12 tips for using reddit for your marketing:

  1. The first key to cracking reddit is the categories that they call “sub-reddits.”  Find the right sub-reddit for your business and you have free access to a targeted group who are interested in your niche.
  2. The second key to reddit is understanding upvoting and downvoting.  The more upvoting your content gets, the higher your post will go, even onto the front page with enough upvoting.  Upvoting is similar to “likes” on Facebook.  You need upvotes because that’s what pushes your content in front of more eyeballs.
  3. Enough downvoting on your post will drop your content into oblivion where you’ll reach the barest minimum of readers.  What reddit readers are interested in is good content with a unique viewpoint – creative, interesting, engaging, funny, even cute.  To get your content to stand out and voted up, it can’t be mediocre or blase.
  4. Set up more than one account if you plan on using Reddit for personal and business reasons. This is easy to do and will benefit you in the short and long terms.
  5. On Reddit you build your reputation through earning “karma.” You get good karma when other redditors upvote your submissions or comments.  There is comment karma and link karma – you want to build your comment karma and watch your link karma.  Igor Gorbenko of Serpstat Blog recommends that you build up 100 link karma and 1,000 comment karma for best results.  Or course, in both cases, we want upvotes which is why you want to watch your link karma.  If redditors are voting down your links, you will hurt your reputation.
  6. Find subreddits that match your market niche and comment like crazy on posts in that niche.
  7. Offer links to your blog or website sparingly – in general, redditors hate marketing, so be subtle. Redditors can be merciless and helpful – you’ll get some of both.  If you mess up, expect the merciless, it’s part of the territory.
  8. If you post and it gets heavy downvoting, delete it as soon as possible. Honestly, you don’t need that negativity and it will hurt your reputation.
  9. Follow the rules! Reddit does have rules; each subreddit has rules, so get to know them and do not violate them.  Some subreddits will ban you for just one offense – some of these guys and gals take this very seriously.
  10. Lurking is a good tactic on Reddit. The Reddit Enhancement Suite enables this and some other useful tactics for using Reddit well.
  11. Reddit Gold costs $5 each, but rewarding positive comments does engender good will on Reddit. Plus it supports the whole Reddit enterprise.
  12. Use Reddit advertising to get on the front page of the front page of the internet. You can’t do that with Facebook!

The Startup Bros, Will Mitchell and Kyle Eschenroeder report that they snagged 625 signups from a single reddit post!  These reddit experts caution against doing straight-up marketing on reddit.  One thing redditors hate is self-promotion.  Most reddit readers have at least some college, if not a college degree, and they can sniff out a marketer from miles away.  The bros say, “In order to be successful with reddit marketing, you can’t be a marketer. You have to be a redditor.”

Will and Kyle really understand using reddit for their business and so I strongly encourage you to read their stuff:  http://startupbros.com/cracking-reddit-how-to-get-thousands-of-visitors-to-your-campaign-with-reddit-marketing/

I’ll let you know how reddit works for my business, and if you’re also using reddit, why not post a comment that will help other readers use reddit for their business?  If you enjoyed this post, share it with others!



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