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When Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man and the owner of the Washington Post wanted to expose a blackmail plot against himself, he didn’t do it on the pages of the Washington Post. He did it by publishing an article on Medium. That happened today (2/7/19).

If the target audience for your marketing is working adults, particularly those with college and graduate degrees, Medium is for you. Medium’s audience has been described as highly educated and tech-savvy. Plus, Medium gives you the ability to target your audience even more narrowly to those who will be most receptive to your message.

Medium has been around since August, 2012 and since it’s founding it’s risen to 211 in global ranking and 115 in the United States, according to Alexa. That’s not Google or Facebook territory, but it does mean that 60 million daily active users will have a shot at seeing your latest content.

Did you know that Barack Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio have published on Medium, as do a number of worldwide brands. If you haven’t published on Medium, ask yourself, what do they know that you don’t know?

If you’re looking for greater visibility, Medium can provide that to you in spades. Mike Essex of reports that within 6 hours of publishing his first story on Medium, he had more views than he believed he’d get in a lifetime on his own website. Over 24 hours, those numbers quadrupled.

Why Use Medium for Marketing?

The first reason to do marketing on Medium is that you can build a substantial audience from those 60 million daily users. Medium will even help you target groups that will be most receptive to your message. Medium calls this their “internal discoverability features.” Use the tag, follow, and @mention functions to get noticed.

Second, Medium provides you with helpful analytics to build your audience. Medium will tell you how your content is performing – you’ll see how many views and reads your content has received, and how many readers enjoyed your article.

Third, you can connect your Medium account to your Twitter and Facebook accounts and your followers on those platforms who are on Medium will automatically be connected to you there also. Medium can also be used to build your followings on Twitter and Facebook. That cross-pollination can’t help but improve your business profile.

Fourth, Medium is super-easy to use. If you’re currently using Gutenberg for editing your WordPress website, you’re already familiar with the Medium editing system – they’re that similar.

Fifth, Medium is great for shorter posts. With Google, longer posts generally rank higher. With Medium, which was created by a co-founder of Twitter, shorter is just fine.

How to Use Medium for Marketing

  1. Create your account. It’s free and it’s not hard to do.
  2. Medium is a story-telling platform, so organize your content in a story format.
  3. Medium organizes content around people, organizations, publications and tags. Just as with Twitter, content comes to you from those you follow. Those who follow you will be notified every time you publish new content, so build a following. How?
  4. The first step in building a following on Medium is to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Those networks will be the early foundation of followers.
  5. Next, follow people, organizations and publications in your niche or industry. Follow people who recommend or applaud your content.
  6. Use tags to get your content in front of the right people. Since Medium sorts content into collections, use tags to help Medium place your content in the best places for your target audience. You can even create a branded collection for your content.
  7. Publish often and stay connected daily on Medium. Activity and visibility go hand in hand for building a higher profile.
  8. Publish quality content and publications will find your stuff. Or, you can help them find your stuff by pitching it to them. Getting published in a Medium publication can gain you some big-time exposure.
  9. In general, quality content trumps chronology on Medium. It doesn’t matter when your content goes up on Medium, quality content rises to the top, provided you get enough positive responses from readers.
  10. Make sure your content has excellent photos and other graphics. Medium is a word and visual platform – your visual appearance will strengthen your overall appeal.
  11. Comment on popular articles in your niche or industry. Just a thoughtful comment can garner you followers.
  12. Tag writers in your niche or industry, particularly influencers. You may get a “clap” from them, or even better, a recommendation or a share.
  13. Place opt-in opportunities in your content. Those calls to action will grow your email list, which is a welcome benefit that costs you nothing.
  14. Link back to your blog or website. This is a good way to build traffic away from Medium.

One caution: do not republish identical content from your website onto Medium as this may cause a Panda penalty from Google for YOUR site. Essex gives a good suggestion on using Medium. Think about it as if it’s a place to do guest blogging. As with guest blogging, it’s a way to reach beyond your current network.

If this was helpful for you, give us your comments and questions, and your likes and shares!

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