Use the Power of Social Media Content Marketing

Social media content marketing.  That’s a powerful phrase.  To borrow a simile from Forrest Gump, social media and content marketing are like peas and carrots.  They go together well and together they can propel your business forward like few other combinations.  Today, let’s look at how they work together most effectively.

First, what is content marketing?  It’s providing quality information for the purpose of helping others, building your authority, and developing a relationship with potential customers.  Content marketing is a valuable way to build your brand since it gives people a positive way to connect with you through your content.  They will connect with you through your content if what you provide is valuable to them.

Do you have a place to display your content?  Generally, this is your website which is set up as a blog.  This is the showroom for your business, the place where you display your amazing content for all to see.  You can display your content on social media, but there is at least one problem with doing this which I’ll identify shortly.

Social media has many uses, but here we’re focusing on social media as a means to drive traffic to your amazing content.  As you can see in the following chart from, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google+ are the top five channels for sharing content.  You may elect to post your content directly to LinkedIn or YouTube, but understand why this may not be your best strategy.

If your goal is building your email list, posting your content directly to LinkedIn or YouTube may not serve your goal.

As you consider your content and the channels that are best suited to distribute it, be conscious of creating content that is most relevant for the channels you choose.  You wouldn’t want to create an article about dogs and post it to a site dedicated to cats.  In the same way, being smart about what you create and where you promote it or display it is important.

One caveat: integrating social media and content marketing will likely not demonstrate immediate results.  Be patient, continue to create great content, continue to promote your content via social media, and you will see results.

If you create great content, over time your audience will share it with their audience and you will see the growth that you’re seeking.  The key is your persistence.  Stay engaged with your audience, start conversations with them, and watch your influence grow.

There’s another side to sharing that’s important – when you see great content, share it on social media and talk about it – that’s one powerful way to start a conversation that benefits your business.  But, then again, you might want to do this just because you’re a good human being and not a robot.

Stay engaged with your audience, do all that you can to build relationships, and your efforts will pay off.  By the way, engagement includes regularly posting NEW great content.  You can’t take a hit and miss approach to this and expect to succeed.  One week on, one week off, is likely not a velocity that’s going to build your business.

These are just a few thoughts on social media content marketing – what would you add?  I welcome your comments and questions, your likes and shares.

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