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If you’re not familiar with a sales funnel, see my earlier blog post: The Essentials: a sales funnel.

Let’s go a little bit deeper by looking at the three parts of a sales funnel.

First, TOFU.  The top of the funnel is where people meet you.  At first, they’re aware of you, in time hopefully they come to know, like and trust you.  This could be signaled through a like on Facebook or just taking notice of when you are around the internet through an ad or maybe your blog.   To move to the middle of the funnel, our new acquantances need to provide us with their email address.  With an email address, our acquantances move to the second stage of the sales funnel, MOFU.

In the middle of the funnel,  our new contacts either open our email follow-ups or they ignore them.  If they ignore them, they really are still in the TOFU stage.  Remembering that it can take eight or more contacts before someone is ready to become a client or customer, the MOFU stage can be highly important to the sales process.  Contacts need to be nurtured.

Finally, BOFU, the bottom of the funnel.  This is the buying phase.  Once people know, like, and trust you, they will (hopefully) buy from you.  Once people have bought from you, they may be open to other items from you.  The goal of the sales process, from my perspective, is to help others.  If they were helped by their first purchase, they may be open to more help through future purchases.

That’s TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU.  I hope that this helps you with your online business.

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