The Untapped Goldmine of Broken Link Prospecting

Backlinks, or inbound links as they are sometimes called, are a big piece of search engine ranking, and the more of them that you have, the higher your site will rank. But, how do you get these coveted links to your website?

One way is through broken link prospecting. This means finding broken links, contacting the webmaster for the site, and recommending your content as a replacement for the broken linked content. If your content is good enough, you will have earned another backlink and gained in the search ranking war.

What are the benefits of broken link prospecting? First, it is a way to build authority links on websites that are leaders in your niche. Second, the broken links guide you to content that was deemed important enough to provide a link to it. Plus, you’re building links in a white hat and low risk way.

How do you find broken links? The most laborious way is to identify sites that you are interested in for back linking and searching the site for bad links. This is time-consuming and often unproductive. But, searching the top websites in your niche may find you some valuable place for your working link to your valuable content.

Ahref’s Broken Link Finder and Broken Link Builder by Citation Labs are too great tools for this. The downside? Ahref’s charges a minumum of $99 a month for their tool, but you can sign up for a free 7-day trial. Citation Labs’ charges a minimum of $67/month for their tool. Here’s a free tool, but it will not let you check for bad links on all sites:

To give you an idea of how many bad links are out there, I just checked a popular website in my niche with It came up with 143 bad links in a few minutes, and it’s still looking for more.

Once you’ve found a broken link, you can use the Wayback Machine to see the content and create an original and high quality or post to replace the dead content. Post it on your website, and alert the webmaster about the broken link and offer a link to your new content.

Here’s a sample email to Neil Patel of Quicksprout about a bad link on his website.

Not to get your hopes up, Hardwick says that a 5-10% conversion rate for this work is good. But, to be linked from the website of one of the leaders in your niche is well worth the effort. The top sites will have tons of links, so check them out, find the bad ones, and offer your substitute content.

One of the keys to broken link prospecting is the ability to distinguish good reputable websites that will build your ranking from bad disreputable ones that will hurt your ranking.

Domain ranking and domain authority are important measures that will guide you in this, and the MozBar extension is a great (and free) tool for this. It works for Chrome or Firefox, and it will quickly give you the information you need to quickly assess the quality of the quality of websites that you are interested in.

Your search time and content creation serve the users of the web by providing fresh content where no content was available while you build links that grow your site’s reputation and authority. The opportunities are out there and now you know how to find them. Happy prospecting!

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