The Power of Micropayments


In January, a controversy rocked the gaming behemoth, Electronic Arts.  When they released Star Wars Battlefront 2, it came with a wrinkle that upset gamers worldwide.  This controversy raged about micropayments.  Some called it unfair.  Others said it gave wealthier gamers an unfair advantage.  EA apologized and removed the micropayments element of the game.

Still, micropayments are a significant part of the business model for gaming online and on smartphones.

Micropayments are the model that’s behind iTunes, some Amazon digital purchases, and digital versions of newspapers.  For digital newspapers, it’s the paywall that comes between you and the newspaper’s content that you want to see.  The question is, will you pay for that content?

For some newspapers, the paywall has been a disaster.  Long Island New York’s Newsday is an example of this.  For other newspapers, like the New York Times, digital subscriptions are the future.  Hence, they employ micropayments.

What is a micropayment?  A micropayment is any online transaction of $10 or less.

Can you profit from micropayments?  The answer is an emphatic yes.  You can profit from a similar, reliable income stream for your internet business.  Adam Nolan has created an internet business model for information marketing based on selling low-priced content on a recurring basis for content that you craft based on your passion or strong interest.  His model is straight-forward and newbie-friendly.

Part of most internet marketing business models is a strategy that starts with lead magnets and progresses to low-priced products and services to higher priced products and services.  Micropayments can lead to much bigger tickets.

If you’re still looking for your niche in the internet world, or you’d like to add a new stream of income to the business you’ve already created, look into Adam Nolan’s solution to all the complicated business models that are hard to learn and even harder to adapt to your situation.  Recurring income means regular positive cash flow for your business and you.



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