The Power of Images

Are you interested in increasing traffic to your website?  How about increasing shares?  Or increasing engagement?  Or increasing the time readers spend on your site?  If so, one powerful way to achieve all these goals is with the use of eye-catching and gripping images.

The old cliche, a picture is worth a thousand words is true, but all pictures are not equal. Some draw in and engage readers. Others can be passed over like the guy or gal who really doesn’t deserve a promotion. So, what’s a surefire way to choose powerful images?

  1. Use a featured image. You may have noticed that I always use a featured image. Use high-quality images that relate to the topic of your blog post or article. Notice the placement of the image in the infographic from Social Triggers and why it’s there.
  1. Use quote pictures. Here’s what I mean.

Quote pictures get people thinking. The picture catches the eye and the quote goes right to the brain and that time of thought means that they’re less likely to click away to something else.

2. Use memes. Memes are funny pictures that amuse your readers, and again, the time that they’re spending on the meme makes it more likely they’ll stick around to see what you have to say. Here’s one I grabbed from Kim Garst.

3. Use GIFs. Ever notice those signs in businesses that say “OPEN” one letter at a time? Same principle. The motion in GIFs catches eyeballs, and have proven to be the most engaging visual content on the internet.

4. Use headshots. According to Walker Photography, “Online, 90% of how people judge you is based on your photo. You have less than half a second to make a good impression, so, make sure your picture is up to the task!

5. Infographics. Presenting information in a graphical form grabs attention and increases engagement. They can increase web traffic by up to 12%, according to Hubspot. Did you know that people remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read? Say it in an infographic for maximum effect.

6. Video. According to Diode Digital, “Before reading any text, 60% of site visitors will watch a video if available.” If you need help with this, click on the Video category in the right sidebar.

7. Use product photography. Here’s a fantastic cheat sheet that tells you what you need to know on this.

Product Photography Cheatsheet – Infographic by the team at AmeriCommerce

8. Call to action. Add engagement power by adding a visual element to your CTAs. Whether it’s a button, as in the image below, or an icon.

Here’s an excellent example that Kim Garst presents in a post on this subject.

I will likely be adding to this post, but I wanted to get it up this morning for you. What would you add?

I invite your comments and questions and your likes and shares.

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