The Parable of the Thirsty Deer


This one comes from internet marketer Daegan Smith.  He compares connecting with potential online customers with a thirsty deer.

Imagine a deer that sees an open meadow with an inviting creek.  The deer is thirsty so he walks over toward the creek and starts sipping the water.  But then he hears a hunter.  He looks up and sees the hunter in his orange vest.

Or he smells human odor as he’s sipping from the creek.  The deer is very skittish, so he starts running away.  If anything isn’t quite right, that deer will flee.  He’ll look for some water elsewhere if he senses anything that signals possible danger.

That’s the nature of potential internet customers.  At first, they don’t know you and they are cautious.  One wrong move on your part and they’re gone.  So, how can you interest them and hold them?

Here are some quick tips: keep it simple, whether it’s an email, a blog post, or a landing page.  Second, keep it completely white hat – no tricks, no manipulation, no dishonesty.  Keep it honest, straightforward, and totally legitimate.

Most importantly, focus on the needs of your audience.  What is it that you can give them or do for them that will meet their needs?  If you have no clue, there’s no reason to waste their time (or yours) with emails or anything else.  Once you know their needs and focus on delivering to them what can solve their issues, you’re in business!



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