The Kim Garst Method for Getting 1,000 Visitors to EVERY New Blog Post

I received an email this morning that deserves to be published in it’s entirety.  As you know from the headline above, it’s from Kim Garst.  

Who is Kim Garst?  

From her website:

She is an international best selling author, international keynote speaker, one of the world’s most retweeted people among digital marketers and a highly sought after marketing strategist.

“Kim is also internationally recognized as a thought leader in the social media space. Forbes named her as one of the Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers. She has provided social and digital marketing advice to some of the world’s top brands like Microsoft, IBM, and Mastercard as well and hundreds of influential business leaders on digital and social media business strategies.”

Here’s her email from top to bottom:

There’s one free traffic source that always works.

It goes like this…

Step 1: Write a value-packed article.
Step 2: Link to 20 to 25 related websites INSIDE your article.
Step 3: Tag, Message, and Email the people you have linked to in your article.

This is the fastest way I know to get your first 1,000 visitors to ANY blog post.

It starts with a value-packed article. I recommend at least 2,000 words. Long-form articles are MUCH more likely to rank on the first page of Google.

Google also gives you a boost when they see you linking to large, authority websites within your industry.

Plus – this gives you a built-in traffic source!

After you hit the “publish” button, you’re going to email each person and let them know they’ve been featured on your website.

This ONE step has allowed us to get our blog posts shared by people like Mari Smith, Neil Patel, and even Guy Kawasaki.

Kind of crazy.

But when you create lots of value + link to industry leaders you create a bit of magic.

You’re also going to “tag” those people when you share the post on social media.

This sends them an immediate notification that they’ve been mentioned. Making it even more likely that they will like, comment, and/or share the post.

But what do you say in those emails when you reach out to let them know they’ve been featured?

I’ve just added our exact templates inside Traffic Rockstars.

You’ll learn exactly what to say in your emails to get them opened by top influencers like Mari Smith, Neil Patel, and Guy Kawasaki.

Just follow the script.

Grab the Traffic Templates Here…

The next time you publish a blog post, be sure to use this simple “tagging” method to get your first 1,000 visitors to ANY blog post.

Works in any market.


Kim Garst

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