It’s a grim statistic.  90% of Internet Marketers fail in the first 120 days.  They started with high hopes. Some were out of work and saw IM as their next real hope for employment. Others saw it as a ticket to a great lifestyle.  Some envisioned side income that would take them to another level financially or at least fund a decent annual vacation.

So, what happened?

The truth is that the 90% who fail were not adequately prepared to earn a living through IM. When you break it down, it comes to this – either they didn’t know enough about the internet or they didn’t know enough about business or marketing.  It’s that simple on the surface, but it gets a little trickier when you dig deeper.

What do you need to know about the internet?

First, can you put together a website that is attractive to potential customers or clients?  If you can’t, then you need help, and the problem here is that most internet businesses are started with very little cash.  This means that they are under-capitalized to position their business for success – they cannot afford to get Dthe help they need to be successful.  Is this you?

If so, I can help.  Email me for a free consultation on a Done For You Custom Website. (

Even choosing the right hosting company can throw some people.  This is why I offer a free resources guide on this website – I want to help you succeed.

2. You need to know something advertising and marketing.  You don’t need to know everything about
these fields, and getting the knowledge you need isn’t as hard as you may think since you’ve been
exposed to advertising and marketing your whole life.  I studied advertising and that made creating an internet marketing business a natural outlet for my knowledge and experience.  You can learn
advertising and marketing too.

Many who jump into IM have no understanding of marketing whatsoever.  An internet business depends on things like landing pages and sales pages.  What goes onto those pages to prime sales takes some marketing knowledge as well as the expertise to put those pages together.  Can you do this?

3. You need to know business.  I also studied business, so I understand how to run my IM business like a business.  This means following proven business practices like having sufficient finances to put a
new business on a solid footing.  Most businesses are not profitable in the first month or even 120
days.  That’s true with bricks and mortar retailing, IM, and most business ventures.  So, having a good business plan and sufficient capital for growing a business is essential.

Do you have what it takes to be successful?  If you don’t, there is help.  You can use this website to fill in some of the gaps in your knowledge base.  There are posts about business and marketing on this website.  You can pick up what you need about the internet elsewhere.  You can be successful, but first get the background you need to be successful.

3 Tips For Internet Marketing Success

1. Treat IM like a business (because it it).  Create a business plan, follow it, and adapt it as you hit the bumps in the road that are an inevitable part of any business.  Monitor your sales and expenses so that you fully understand what’s working and what’s not working.

2, Give yourself sufficient time to become profitable.  Understand that there are no push button profits or easy ways to make a boatload of cash.  Put in the time necessary to turn your business into the profit machine that you want it to be.

3. Learn all you can about advertising and marketing. If you need help in this area, A great place to start is my free report 10 Headline Formulas.  If you need more help, check out my second report, Irresistible Headlines to Maximize Your Profit  If you’ve mastered headlines, then you’re ready for this.

You don’t have to be part of the 90%.  With the right tools, knowledge, and effort you can become a six figure or even seven figure marketer.  It won’t happen overnight, but stay with it, apply all that you learn along the way and you can become one of the success stories!


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