7 Power-packed Strategies for Building Your Business Through Content Marketing

You produce great, valuable content with significant keywords, do excellent search engine optimization, and yet, you still can’t break through? You’re not getting the size of audience that you believe you should be getting. Why is that?

Consider this. There are over 500 million blogs. That doesn’t include the 400 million blogs on Tumblr. There are 60 million active users on Medium, although I haven’t found how many blogs they host. Anyway, the competition is fierce.

Because of all the competition, content marketing doesn’t work as well as it used to. But, there are ways to break through and stand above the crowd.

First, the good news: only 39% of content marketers have a documented content marketing strategy. Put yours together and you have an advantage over 61% of your competitors.

Your Breakthrough

Let’s start with topics. Have you gone to Buzzsumo or SEMRush and typed in your competition’s domain? If you have, you’ll see their most popular content, how often it’s been shared, and you’ll get a link that takes you to it. Google Trends will tell you what’s hot right now.

Why reinvent the wheel when you can perfect the wheel? The wheel has already been created, and you know there’s a market for the wheel, so what if you could improve the wheel? Would that improve your chances of scoring a breakthrough? Absolutely it would.

So, here’s a winning strategy: find out what your top competitor’s most popular post is, stay on that subject, and write something that surpasses your competition.

3 More Winning Strategies for Digital Marketing

Adrian Gomez, CEO and Founder of Elaniin Marketing suggests strategies for digital marketing that will boost your traffic – personal stories and testimonials.

2. Put your personal imprint on your content by bringing your personal experiences to it. When done well, storytelling brings a higher level of engagement than other forms of communication.

3. We live in a time when consumers are highly skeptical about marketing claims. The way to get beyond that skepticism is with reviews. Online reviews are trusted as much as personal recommendations.

4. Whatever you do, says Gomez, do it with authenticity. Be the real you, not some knock-off of someone else who is currently more popular. Build your brand through positioning, social media, design, list building, and networking with influencers, and make sure that it all reflects the real you.

More Winning Strategies

5. Since your content is for marketing purposes, make sure that everything you write has a business purpose. How does each piece of content fit into your overall marketing strategy?

6. Don’t let your older content go to waste! Update it, rewrite it, continually improve it. Hubspot reports that their team was able to double monthly leads and increase organic search views by 106% by using this strategy.

7. Repurposing content is another way to increase the effectiveness of your content. Consider using your best blog posts as the basis for a podcast. Or take a number of posts on one subject and create a lead magnet from them. Take a high-performing blog post and turn it into a YouTube video. There are many ways to repurpose content and each way will build the effectiveness of your content marketing.

If there are other ways that you’ve found success in content marketing, add them in the comments section.

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