The 4 A’s of Content Every Marketing Strategy Needs

In 2016, we posted Demian Farnsworth‘s article on the 4 essential types of content for marketing. In today’s post, we’re going to update it for 2019.

If you haven’t read Farnsworth’s article, here are the 4 essential types of content that are essential for a good, well-rounded marketing strategy:

  1. Attraction. These posts help you expand your audience. This is what Farnsworth says about this type of blog post: “Attraction content is freely available on the web for social sharing and for search engines to index. Your goal for this content is for people to consume it and spread it. ” How do you create this type of post? List articles, infographics, free downloads, surveys, and mashups are all tried and proven ways to drive more traffic.
  2. Authority. Brian Clark, the founder of Copyblogger says this about authority: “It really boils down to the demonstration of expertise through delivery of valuable content as opposed to claiming expertise or saying, “We’re number one.” It’s the difference between marketing messages and content that actually creates the experience of authority. This is an important distinction that can be summed up with the short phrase: “Show, don’t tell.” Your blog is your place to show your expertise, so use it to show off your skills, knowledge, and expertise.
  3. Affinity. Here’s Farnsworth’s definition of this type of content: ”
    Affinity content is content that attracts people who have the same values and beliefs as you. This content shares your beliefs, so people with similar beliefs feel like they belong in your community.” With this kind of content, you show who you really are. You’ve attracted an audience with your attraction posts, you’ve built your authority through your authority posts, now, through affinity posts, you turn your audience into your tribe. With affinity content, you establish a bond with your audience. This is where you establish who you are as a person. This where you can really increase engagement with your content. People will either resonate with who you are, or they won’t be a member of your tribe. Either way, you’ve won, because those who choose to be a part of your tribe are those who are most likely to favor you over your competition.
  4. Action. This kind of post is likely the easiest to understand. With action posts, you’re asking your readers to do something. You may ask for a comment, a share, participation in a survey, give their email address in exchange for a lead magnet, follow you on social media, subscribe to your email newsletter, buy from you, or buy from someone else whose product you are featuring as an affiliate marketer. These posts could be sales copy, landing pages, a product review post, a pop-up featuring your lead magnet, or some of the other ideas above.

Those are the four essential types of content for your blog. Do you see any that are missing from your blog right now?

Have you considered using all four types of content in one blog post? First, you start off with a great headline that attracts attention. Second, in the body copy you demonstrate your skills and expertise and thereby build your authority. Third, you allow your personality to surface in a way that builds engagement. And fourth, you have a strong call to action.

In whatever direction you go with this, build your audience through excellent content, make sure that you cover the four bases, and keep building your writing skills!

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