Why Proven Systems Are The New Black



Have you figured out that you need a proven system for online marketing success?  If you have, you’re way ahead of every newbie who leaps from program to program in search of something that works.

The truth is that without a proven system there are too many moving parts in an online business to be successful.  When you find a proven system that works for you and follow it, you are on your way to business growth and profits.  I know this because I was that newbie who jumped from program to program.

A proven system comes from someone who has proven success.  The truth is there are lots of sales pages for systems that boast of six figure incomes and ease of use.  How can you tell which ones are true and which ones are fake?  That’s a tough one.  The good fakes look genuine.  The fakes make a lot of money for the purveyors, but not for you.


So, being around a while I’ve found out whom I can trust.  Part of it comes from my flailing around looking for a proven system.  The most important part comes from using a proven system and seeing the results myself.  The ones I trust are the ones that work – it really is that simple.  The ones that work are the ones I use (real simple, right?).

The essentials of an online business are a website and traffic.  It can be that simple.  If you can get people to your website you have a chance at profitability.  But, most people don’t buy on a first impression, and that leads to a third essential: an autoresponder.

An autoresponder allows you to accumulate an email list (or several of them) that afford you the opportunity of multiple touches with the same people.  Multiple touches increase sales exponentially, which is why email marketing is so lucrative.  But it’s only lucrative for those who know how to profit.

This gets back to a proven system.   When that system consistently delivers profits, you’ve hit pay dirt – you’re digging and finding gold.  To mine that gold you need to master the important elements of digital marketing like a sales funnel, landing pages, sales pages….


In order to integrate all this to create a profitable business requires either a lot of time, energy, and cash… or someone else’s time, energy and cash, which is to say someone else’s proven system.

Where are you with your internet business?  Just starting out or still considering whether or not to start?  Have you started but you’re not yet profitable?  Tomorrow I’ll be introducing my loyal email subscribers to a system based on the pooled wisdom of one multi-million dollar internet marketer and a handful of his successful clients.

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