Taking Your Opt-In Rate to the Next Level


The best online way to turn prospects into customers or clients is the opt-in.   Whether it’s building your list or building your sales, without opt-ins your business cannot succeed.  So, how can you maximize your opt-ins?

First, target your advertising.  According to internet marketer Amy Porterfield, David Garland made $19,800 of sales from one product launch to an email list of 500 people.  500 people! Can you imagine doing that?  That’s a precisely targeted email list!

Here are six ways that you can maximize your opt-ins your website with an opt-in box.

1. The Sidebar  As you can see on this page, this is where I place my opt-in box.  The right column is a great place to place an opt-in box since people expect navigational links in this area.  But, there are other places as well for opt-in boxes…

2. A Feature Box  A feature box can be place immediately below your headline and it will be the first thing that eyes are drawn to when they hit your website.  Porterfield does this with a big picture of herself on the left side of the box, a headline across the top of the box, three bullet points that pitch free training, boxes for name and email address and a red button that says “Give it to me.”  It looks professional, it’s engaging, and she wouldn’t do it if it weren’t effective.

3. Inside blog posts  I do a version of this at times.  An opt-in form can be placed within a blog post. What I generally do is link to one of my landing pages in a blog post on a related subject.

4. At the end of a blog post Someone who has read to the end of a blog post obviously has some interest in what you are talking about – give them an opportunity to opt-in at the end of the blog post that they have read.

5. A pop-up box Maybe you hate pop-up boxes (I do), but they are effective (which is why you see so many of them).

6. Your “About Me” page  People do look at your About Me page – you can verify this by looking at the statistics for your website.  Prospects want to know who they are dealing with.

Try some new places for your opt-ins and see what works best for you.  This much I know – the more opportunities you give readers to opt-in, the better your chances of building your subscriber list and connecting with them on a higher level.


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