Six Tweaks To Maximize Your Marketing Impact

Tweaks.  Just itty bitty small ones can pay big dividends.  Honest.  Here are six tweaks that you can do that will maximize your impact.

Six Tweaks To Maximize Your Impact

  1. Image tweaks.  Swap out an image, change the background, change the font and color of the words in the image – any or all of these tweaks can increase readership and conversions.
  2. Text tweaks.  I say it in one of my ads and it’s true – changing one word in a headline can increase readership dramatically.  The question is which word?  As with the first tweak suggestion, trial and monitoring provide the answer.
  3. Short paragraphs are a great text tweak.  They make easier reading.  Do you have any long paragraphs in your content that you could break up into smaller chunks?
  4. Remember and practice this: inspiration beats information.  How can you tweak your content to be more inspirational?  Tech geeks love information, statistics, all kinds of dry content.  Others, not so much.  Go for inspiration even when you’re presenting information.
  5. Offer a next step along with your content.  How can your audience move forward with what you’re presenting to them?
  6. Put yourself into your content.  You’re unique and your content will work best when it showcases you.  Don’t be egotistical about this.  Everyone’s favorite radio station is WII-FM (what’s in it for me?).  Flavor your content with you, but don’t go overboard with this.weak

Tweak here, tweak there, and you’ll see the compound effect of tiny tweaks.  It isn’t hard to do as you can see from the six tweaks above. Keep improving your efforts and you will see better results.

I’m Tony Seel, and I did tweak this content.

I welcome your comments and questions, your likes and shares.

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