Recommended Resources

You need to use the best services in the industry for the best chance of success. So I use the following services to give me an advantage in my Internet Marketing business…

Best Hosting Service: TMD Hosting


Host your website with TMD Hosting!

When choosing the best company to host my website with, I felt pretty overwhelmed with all the different options available. After all, it’s not just about going for the cheapest service, as you nearly always get what you pay for. After making a few bad decisions, I found TMD Hosting to be the best hosting company to use, as they have great customer support, pricing, amazingly fast servers, and 99% uptime. Try them for yourself!

Best Domain Registrar – GoDaddy


In a similar scenario to choosing my hosting company, there were many different domain registrars available – with many of them offering the exact same features. I quickly found out that GoDaddy has been around forever, and certainly know how to please their customers. Their prices are the lowest around, and their domain management system is simple to use. If you haven’t tried them yet, I’d recommend seeing their great service for yourself!

Best Email Autoresponder Service – AWeber


This is one of the most powerful assets an Internet Marketer can possess. I use Aweber as my autoresponder service. You can get 30 days FREE trial by clicking on the link above.


Best Payment Processor – PayPal

paypal-logoI honestly don’t know where I’d be if PayPal didn’t exist. It’s the easiest payment system to set up in the industry, as you can be ready to receive money within just a few clicks. Plus, PayPal payments are accepted pretty much anywhere in the world, which is always a massive benefit.

Great Resource For Graphics and Lots of Other Services


When you need a logo, or other services for your business at an extremely reasonable price, fiverr is a great place to turn.  Check out their website to see all the services that they offer.