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This year I’ve been focusing somewhat on attitude.  I’ve posted on other important subjects, but I’ve come back to this one because it is so essential.

How you approach your business is so important to the success or failure of your business. At some point you had a vision of what your business could become.  You are hopefully applying passion and focus to turn your vision into reality.

Hard work and creativity generally play a part in a businesses success or failure and it’s likely that you involved others in your venture.  Teamwork is an important part of my business and I would guess yours also.  In this blog post, I will break all this down into separate pieces.

First, your vision.  A vision statement has been called “a ticket to success.”  Do you have one for your business?  A vision statement often comes through inspiration and can give you the motivation you need to move ahead.  Your vision statement is a picture of the future that you want to create.  A good vision statement will give you direction as you think about your day to day tasks and your longer term strategy for success.  As you move ahead, test your actions and strategy against your vision statement.  Your vision statement can be the guardrails that keep you moving forward on the right road.

As you move forward, passion is what keeps you pressing on toward your goals.  What are your goals, anyway?  What are you trying to achieve?  Is your end goal large enough to create passion within yourself to keep you pushing ahead, moving through obstacles, meeting deadlines, and making progress?  If not, go back to your vision statement and make sure what you envision is something that you are passionate about.

Focus means staying on task through completion.  Without focus, there are too many distractions that will waste your time and pull you off course.  Stay on course by applying focus to your work.

Business can be hard work, but it can also be fun work if you enjoy what you’re doing.  Do you enjoy what you’re doing?  Is the work that you put into your business meaningful for you?  If not, you may need to rethink your vision.  If you’re just slogging through your work day by day, particularly if you’re not seeing immediate results, it’s easy to get discouraged.  If your vision is compelling for you, it will give you the passion to break through the monotony or frustration to achieve your goals.

In internet marketing, creativity is a must.  This doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to be a patent-creating inventor.  It means that you bring freshness and vitality to your business that translates into getting others excited about what you’re doing.  Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or a creator of your own products, creativity is what will separate you from your competitors.  How have you applied creativity to your business venture so far? How will you get creative in the future?  Are you ready to apply creativity to your business today?  It could make the difference between success and failure.

Finally, success.  When you’ve achieved your goals it’s time to reassess.  You can expand your vision and rewrite your goals or you can sit back and enjoy what you’ve already done. If your ambition drives you to keep moving forward, create a new vision or rework your original one. If I can be of help to you on your business journey, or your life journey, let me know.

To your success!  As always, I welcome your comments below.


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