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What’s Holding Your Business Back?

Master marketing and you will create sales.  With these great resources, you’ll have everything you need to create powerfully persuasive marketing copy for your products and services. 

Hi, I’m Tony “The Marketing Tool Guy” Seel, and for the past 28 years I’ve been doing marketing in my professional life.

I studied advertising, public relations, and communications in college many years ago, and more recently I’ve created resources for those who want to learn how to do marketing for their own business.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or selling your own products and services, this is where to start:

Need more opens and click-throughs?  Without great headlines it’s not going to happen.  Here’s your solution: Click here for Irresistible Headlines

Looking for the whole deal, every part of marketing copy for your business?

Look no further. 

Need more sales?  This is how to get them.

Our signature training is available in 11 easily digestible videos that present what you need to know to successfully market your products and services.  Click here to discover more.

Prefer Reading to Video?  No problem.

Everything in the Words That Sell video training is in this book.
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Brand New, Just Released:

The ultimate training on the most lethal weapon in a marketer’s arsenal. 23 different kinds of bullet points. Lock and load the #1 copy tool for making sales – bullet points!

Bullet Points

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Need more help creating great headlines? 

How about cutting and pasting proven winners?  Or using these proven winners for inspiration for your own headline creations?  Cut and paste, modify, or emulate the 300+ tested and proven headlines in this collection to create the sales you’ve dreamed of.  If you need to pack more punch into your headlines, this is for you.

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Is your copy failing you?  Get this now:

Failing copy is copy that doesn’t grip readers emotionally.  This collection of over 700 words and phrases will exponentially increase the emotional voltage of your marketing.  Trigger words grab readers by the eyeballs and don’t let them go until they take action.  This is the ultimate collection of words that will boost the persuasive power of your marketing copy.   Take action to create action for your business by clicking here.

Not sure how to keep your copy flowing and your readers reading?  This is how:

The old advertising adage is still true: the more you tell, the more you sell.  But, how do you make your long copy sales writing so engaging that prospects want to read every word?  With conversational words and phrases that carry them all the way to the sale!  That’s what bucket brigade words and phrases do for you.  No copywriter should be without this essential collection.  Click here to get this valuable and essential resource.

The Ultimate Action Words:

Ready to take your marketing copy to the highest level of persuasion?  You need the Powerful Verbs Collection.   In this collection you get 100s of powerful verbs, from A to Z.  Insert these words into your copy and watch your conversions soar!  No more weak copy for you – not with The Ultimate Powerful Verbs Collection lifting your copy to new heights!

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Not getting enough
leads and sales?  

Here’s the answer:

Without leads, there are no sales, and without an effective call to action, you won’t enough leads or sales.  Your call to action is the second most important element of your marketing (your headline is first).  Let’s energize your marketing by adding the power source that generates leads and sales: your call to action.  Click here now to add the power of persuasion to your calls to action.

Want it All?

Introducing The Copywriter’s Toolbox

Need an entire set of tools for headlines, body copy, and calls to action?  It’s all in The Copywriter’s Toolbox.   Five tools in all – every tool designed to help you turn out professional grade marketing.

In The Copywriter’s Toolbox you get:

  • Cut and Paste Headlines
  • Trigger Words
  • Your Bucket Brigade
  • The Ultimate Powerful Verbs Collection
  • 130+ Amazing CTAs

It’s all there… everything you need to produce great marketing time after time after time…

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Need a higher level grasp of Marketing? 

It’s here: Advertising Angles.  Getting good clicks throughs and opens, but not making sales? Want bigger sales?  It’s cinch when you know the angles, Advertising Angles.  This course will give you an advanced understanding of marketing persuasion.   Discover what I mean by clicking here.

In five short videos, I will reveal to you the 26 most powerful advertising angles to spur interest and generate sales.

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Want to Build Your Business Through Social Media, but not sure exactly how?

Discover how to reach targeted buyers on the most powerful marketing platforms today. Click here now: 96 Amazing Social Media Marketing Tricks.