PLR: The Fastest Way to Bigger Profits

Whether you’re looking for a way to end this year on an upbeat, or setting yourself up for a fast start in 2019, PLR products can make your path to profits easier.

One of my mentors James Francis and Internet Marketing expert Alex Jeffreys both say “create your own products.”  When I started, I didn’t think I was ready for that, but now I understand why it’s the key to making money online.  PLR can help you if you’re unsure what to create.

When you create your own products your branding is greatly enhanced, your credibility goes up with those you interact with, and every sale will put more money in your pocket than selling someone else’s products.  With your own products, you’re a player, not a poser (okay, poser is a word my kids use, but it’s the right word here).  With your own products, you’re credible and legitimate.

But maybe you feel like I felt: “I’m not ready to create my own products.” That’s where PLR comes in.  PLR stands for private label rights and they are products that have been created by others, but you buy the rights to sell them as your own.  It’s completely legitimate and it is the fastest way to get into the game.

I learned the hard way and I’ve spent the last few months of 2015 creating my first product. Since that time I’ve expanded my product line greatly.   There are aspects of product creation that are so much easier now. 
You’ve heard it before: I wish I knew a lot earlier what I know now.  I don’t want you to be saying the same thing next December!

Everything I cover on this blog about building your online platform, choosing your niche, and promoting your offers fits into marketing PLRs.  If you feel stymied in your online business, consider PLRs.  

Where do you find good PLRs?  You can find them on JV Zoo, Clickbank, Warrior’s Forum, and sites like

Choose wisely, customize the PLR products you buy, and start selling them.  
There are all kinds of PLRs in all kinds of niches.  It can be a great way to start scaling your business upward!

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