Making It Big With Affiliate Marketing

Today’s Throwback Thursday post on Affiliate Marketing returns from May 2014.  It’s been thoroughly updated.  ed.

How many affiliate marketers are there around the world?  I wouldn’t even try to guess. Affiliate marketing is likely the most popular starting point for online marketing because from the outside it seems so easy.  And really, when you compare it to alternatives, it is pretty easy.

What’s so hard about selling someone else’s product?  The hard work is developing a product that sells, right?  Plus, if you can get prospects to look at the affiliate products you’re promoting, the product developer takes over the selling process.  Your job is finished, he does the rest of the work, and you get paid your commission.  Nice.  But, consider the following question.

Would you hire an architect who arrives at your building site with no plans and starts directing the construction crew?  I don’t think you would.  Yet it appears to me that most affiliate marketers jump into the fray without any plan whatsoever for how to succeed.  That’s a recipe for failure.  What follows is a recipe for success.


First, don’t minimize the work required to be successful in affiliate marketing, but don’t let is put you off either.  First, you have to research products (or services).  Is it a good product?  Does it do what it says it will do?  Will anyone want to buy it?  With great products you can make great money.

Research products before you sell them.  Look at product reviews, read what others say about the product. One caution: be wary of some product reviews. Other affiliate marketers will put up a review as part of their marketing promotion.

Second, decide the best way to promote the product.  What will be your optimal marketing mix? Emails, banner ads, Facebook ads, Google ads – what are the best places to promote the product or service that you choose?  This may take some trial and error before you know what works best for you.

If you decide to go the email route, have you built an email list of hungry buyers?  Are your subscribers interested in what you have to sell?  Have you built your credibility with them so that they are hungry to buy from you?

You may decide that the best way to market the product you’ve chosen is through a website that you create. How much experience do you have on selling from a website?  How successful have you been or will you be in promoting your website?  None of this is difficult – it just takes the right know-how.

None of this is to suggest that building a website for affiliate marketing isn’t the way that you should go.  I’m just saying that whatever you do, make sure you know how to do it before jumping in.  An amateurish website will get amateurish results.  Look at some professional websites and emulate what they’re doing for best results.

Whatever way you choose to promote a product, you are likely going to have to spend money to drive potential buyers to your offer.   How much money?  You likely won’t have any idea until you start and see your results.  Start small and scale upwards once you’ve hit on a way that works.  Don’t go all in before testing and reviewing results.

Affiliate marketing can be lucrative, but understand, there may be more to it than meets the eye.  You can be a successful affiliate marketer.  Just understand that it is work.  Start small, grow your business, and who knows, maybe you’ll be the next millionaire affiliate marketer!

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