12 Tips to Maximize Your Landing Pages


If you’ve ever tried getting across a body of water by stepping on a log or exposed rocks from one side to the other side, you already understand the idea behind a landing page.  A landing page is a place on your website that helps prospective customers and clients find their way to your products and services.

A landing page is not any old page on your website – the design and function of landing pages allow them to achieve a single purpose.  That single purpose is to capture leads.  Here’s a great one:


Even though this is a highly effective landing page, it has some flaws that we will expose below.

Landing pages typically have a form, and usually a simple one, for a visitor to enter information like their name and email address.  The email addresses gathered on a landing page enable you to have further contact with your visitors – that further contact is where most sales are made.  Here’s a simpler landing page than the Lyft page above:


What makes a page a landing page?  You may have noticed the short form towards the upper right hand corner of this page.  That form enables readers of this blog to receive my free report on 10 Ultimate Headline Formulas.   Even with this, though, this page is not a landing page.  Remember what I said above – a landing page has a single purpose.  That purpose is to capture information.

Let’s go through the process of using landing pages.  First, traffic is sent to your landing page in response to a call to action on your website, social media, or through some means of advertising.  When people come to your landing page, another call to action encourages them to provide information, often in exchange for a “lead magnet” like my 10 Ultimate Headline Formulas.

The best design for landing pages is generally simple.  Too much on a page can be a distraction and lower the effectiveness of your landing page.  A well-designed landing page is one that gets the optimal number of leads.  What is the optimal number?  That depends on a number of variables like your lead magnet, what you’re selling, your price point(s), your niche, how you’re advertising, and other factors as well.  Here’s a great example of simplicity:


There’s a lot of copy, but it’s presented in a FAQ format that invites readers to only read what pertains to their questions.  It only asks for an email and the sub-headline explains the benefit of Wistia.

Here are some tips on creating great landing pages:

  1. Make sure your landing pages are laser-targeted for the best audience for you product or service.  This will increase your conversion rate (those who provide the information you ask for) and sales.
  2. Only promote one product or service on your landing page.  This means creating other landing pages for other products.  This is all part of your laser targeting.
  3. Do you know the five second rule?  You have about five seconds to get attract a potential reader (and customer).  Make sure your headline grabs them (if you need help with this, get my free “10 Ultimate Headline Formulas.”).
  4. Keep it simple!  All you need is an excellent headline, some solid copy explaining what you’re offering, and a strong call to action, and a simple lead capture form.  You can include a sub-headline, and you should absolutely include an arresting image.
  5. Use bullet points instead of paragraphs.  In our fast-paced world, people prefer not to read.  Help them out with concise bullet points rather than sentences.
  6. White space is your friend.  A cluttered page is a turn-off, so allow lots of white space on your landing pages.
  7. Place the call to action above the fold.  Don’t make or expect readers to scroll down to see your call to action.  If you must have copy that extends below the fold, it better be great.  Otherwise, you’ll bore your readers and send them scurrying to someone else.
  8. If your copy does extend below the fold, then repeat your call to action.  You can’t expect people to scroll down and then reverse field to get back to your call to action.
  9. Do not have any navigational bars or buttons on your landing page.  Remember: your landing page has one purpose and anything that can distract from your single purpose will lower your conversion rate.
  10. Do provide social media sharing buttons to take advantage of the networks that your readers can send your content to and expand your reach.
  11. The least information that you ask for or require, the higher your conversion rate.  Asking for an email beats asking for an email and a name.  Asking for an email and a name beats asking for an email, name, and phone number…  Of course, if you want to personalize emails, you’ll need to ask for names.
  12. Change one word to increase your conversion rate.  That word is submit.  Who enjoys submission?  Instead, say something like I say in the upper right hand corner – “Get your free report now!

I hope this helps as you prepare landing pages for your business, or evaluate the landing pages you’ve already created.  If you need more help in creating landing pages, check out my Words That Sell video series.

As always, I welcome your comments.


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