It’s About Building a Relationship



You know the basics for internet marketing by now (right?).  Traffic + One Time Offer + Email List.  You’ve done the three easy steps (right?).  Okay, now let’s talk about why the three easy steps work.

To review, the three easy steps are

  • create a website
  • build a sales funnel
  • grow your email list

That’s it.   Do those three things well and you will have a successful internet business.  Every step is important, but none is more important than your email list.  You direct traffic to your one-time offer to build your list.  Your one-time offer compels readers to become subscribers and at that point you have started a relationship.

Whether that relationship is a valued one on the part of your subscribers depends on how you treat them.  If you barrage them with all kinds of garbage emails, you will lose them. They may unsubscribe from you list or just ignore your emails.

If you give them valuable information and otherwise treat them well, they will learn to know, like and trust you.  That will lead to sales.  The truth is that your subscribers’ email boxes are filled with garbage.  Crowded email boxes lead to fewer opens for everyone, so you need to stand out.  The way you stand out and get your emails opened is through consistently delivering quality.

Your open rates and sales will also be higher if you have successfully targeted those who are most likely to be interested in what you are selling.  Do you know who your best prospects are?  If you don’t, you are likely wasting a lot of money with your advertising.

Once your list is perfectly targeted (as perfectly as possible), you are best positioned to help your subscribers.  That’s the key – friends help friends, and when you can think of your subscribers as friends you are best positioned for success.

Whatever your niche is, find others who are interested in your niche, and help them to succeed in your niche.  If you go at your business with this attitude, how can you not be successful?

Don’t just build an email list, build relationships.  Show how you value your email subscribers by consistently delivering quality.  As your subscribers grow in knowing, liking and trusting you, your sales will increase.


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