Is Email Marketing Dead?

In a provocative post at Optinmonster, veteran professional writer Sharon Hurley Hall asks that question, but her answer wasn’t provocative at all:

“The short answer: Email marketing is here to stay.”

How caller id changed the world…

Do you remember life before caller id?  The phone rang, you picked it up, and you were at the mercy of whoever was calling.  Caller id changed all that and changed the world of telephone cold calling.  Cold callers have tried to adapt by disguising their calls with local numbers and all kinds of other ploys to fake us out.

But most people aren’t faked out.  We’ve learned their tricks and we don’t answer their calls. Cold calling is nuisance calling and through law and personal smarts we’ve learned to deal with it.  Cold call marketing is some of the hardest selling of all and with caller id, power has shifted even further away from sellers to buyers.

Which is one reason among many that email marketing is such a better option.

Why Do Email Marketing?

  1. In the U.S. alone, over 90.6% of adults used email last year, and that’s projected to grow 90.9% this year according to Statistica. The worldwide figure of over 3.8 billion users and growing are also impressive, which means a huge market of potential subscribers for your list.
  2. Email marketing allows you to nurture your leads, which is a whole lot better than trying to get people to pick up the phone and talk to you.
  3. Email marketing generates 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower cost than other marketing alternatives, according to Marketo. This is because the lead nurturing process that email marketing provides to you gives you the opportunity to help those who don’t know you to warm up to you.
  4. Email marketing offers you the greatest return on investment potential of any internet marketing channel, according to B2B Marketing. The astronomical email marketing ROI of 3800% has been reported often and not disputed.

What Are Email Marketing Best Practices?

Email marketing has a very simple formula: the better content that you can deliver, the more your email list will respond.

There’s something about receiving valuable information through an inbox that establishes a relationship with prospects and draws them closer to you as you continue to deliver high-quality content to them.  The high-quality content that you deliver through emails will enable you to build an email list of dedicated followers.

From your list will come customers and some of those customers will become repeat customers. This all happens because email gives you the opportunity to make good business relationships.

5 Email Marketing Campaigns for Small Businesses

Phil Frost of Main Street ROI encourages small business owners to employ five email marketing campaigns.

  1. The first campaign is what Phil calls “The Warm Up.” The goal of this first campaign is to introduce or reintroduce your business to your list. If someone’s starting out with you, it’s important to make a good first impression. You can do this through a valuable lead magnet. If your list’s gone cold, the warm-up might be a survey. Whatever it takes to reestablish engagement, use it!
  2. Phil calls the second campaign “The Tee Up.” In this campaign, the basic question is  “Are you still looking for help with [your product or service]?” You’re not directly asking for the sale, you’re building reengagement to move towards the sale.
  3. This campaign is “The Flash Sale.” This is very popular, and as Phil admits, highly overused. But, a limited-time offer can bring in quick sales provided that the offer is attractive and you’ve built sufficient rapport with your subscribers.
  4. The fourth campaign is called “The Referral.” This is where you become an affiliate marketer. As Phil says, everyone on your list is in need of products and services that you don’t provide. Why not link them up with excellent products and services from other sellers? This can be a great service to your subscribers and another source of income for you.
  5. Number five is “The Launch.” In this campaign, you introduce a new product or service. Use emails to build excitement and anticipation before you launch as you describe your new product or service and explain its benefits. Show value and give details so that when you do launch you’ve laid the groundwork for a “feeding frenzy.”

I hope that you’ve found some helpful information in this post and that you’ll share it with others.

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