Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?


Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to start an online business, but a number of voices are crying out in the digital wilderness saying that affiliate marketing is dead.  I received an email last week from Dan Craig that proclaimed “One thing you have to know….Affiliate marketing as you know it….is DEAD.”

Later in the same email, Dan says “No matter how many hours you ‘hustle and grind’, it’s NEVER coming back to life.”

His angle was to pitch “the New Way.”

Eric Gyepes asks “Is Affiliate Marketing Dead Again in 2018?”  His answer?  “Affiliate marketing is not dead (at least for now).”

That’s right.  Here are the numbers: Forester Consulting reports that there’s $6.8 billion up for grabs in affiliate marketing…

  … and that market is growing over 10% a year.
Does that sound dead to you?  Of course not.
The truth is the internet has grown 4 billion users and it will continue to grow.  Forester Consulting is right – affiliate marketing will grow as more internet users are added.
There are billions of dollars exchanged for products and services online and your slice of that ginormous pie depends on just a few things.
What You Need to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing
First, do you have good products and services that are in demand?  In other words, are you selling what people need or want?
Second, have you found a target audience that is receptive to what you have to sell?  Not everyone on the internet is going to be interested in what you have to offer, but that’s okay.  Find your target audience and you’ll find your buyers.
Third, and this is where many affiliate marketers mess up, is your marketing helping your prospects see the value of your products and services?  You can have a great product and the perfect target audience, but without compelling marketing, you might as well burn your money in a fireplace.
The Essential Skill
Copywriting is the number one skill that separates the affiliate marketing millionaires from those who can’t find the formula for success with affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing wannabes cut and paste swipe files from sellers, but what happens when the same email ends up in your prospect’s email box?  What reason do they have to buy from you and not the other emailer with the identical swipe file?
There’s only one way I know – you can offer better incentives like free bonuses, and I know plenty of affiliate marketers who do this.  But, do you have attractive and valuable freebies to offer your list?  If not, you’re just another emailer hawking the same product.
Here’s another way to stand out from the crowd – write your own email.  Don’t have time for that?  How about this – rewrite the swipe to personalize it, to really make it from you.  This can work.
Think about it.  You’ve got a great product, you know your target audience, but the sales aren’t rolling in.  Let’s analyze why not.
First, are your headlines and subject lines getting people to pay attention to what you have to offer?  Is there anything worse than having the same subject line as one or more other affiliate marketers?  That’s a sure sign of a newbie wannabe.
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Affiliate marketing isn’t dead.  The field isn’t oversaturated.  What you need to make it in affiliate marketing are the tools to help you stand out from the crowd.  Those tools are above.  It’s time for you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams!  If the world needs what you have to sell, it’s only a matter of convincing your prospects why they should buy from you.
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