Introducing The “Rick Hunter” Strategy for LinkedIn Referrals

Today, we’re going to look at something I learned from Gary Korisko who learned it from Josh Turner. It’s a referral system to use with LinkedIn, but it can be used elsewhere as well. As you can see, it’s named after Rick Hunter, the first person that Josh used this with. Let’s break the strategy down to steps.

Step one: Do a LinkedIn search for your niche, or a sub-niche.

Step two: Look at your results and find people who share lots of connections with you. If you’re just starting out, you may not have many connections yourself, or your connections may not have a lot of mutual connections with you. So, step one for you would be to build up your LinkedIn network. Then, go to step one above, and proceed to this step.

Step three: Ask the person you’ve identified with lots of shared connections for permission to use their name to reach out to someone in their network who’s not in your network. In Gary’s example from Josh, Rick Hunter is the person being contact initially, and you can see Josh’s simple message next.

If your “Rick” says yes, you’re on to Step four.

Step four: Familiarize yourself with the profile of the person you want to connect with. Invite that person to connect with you, identifying yourself as a friend. Yes, you’re really a friend of a friend, but LinkedIn doesn’t give you that option for identifying yourself.

Attach a note with your request, as Josh did for Jeffrey Hyatt, the person who he wants to connect with. Here’s Josh’s note:

Step five: Send a follow-up email. This email is not a time to sell, it’s a time to build a new relationship. Keep it short, and express interest in them. Here’s an example from Kathleen Tamburino, a LinkedIn trainer:

I looked at your profile carefully. If you are considering leveraging LinkedIn to be successful in your job search or finding clients, I would suggest that you continue adding content and keywords to your profile, and grow your network in your target industry to have access to more opportunities and people. 

Thank you for connecting, Mike! From my experience, LinkedIn is the best for meeting great professionals like you, finding amazing opportunities and sharing connections and resources. I endorsed some of your skills to help you rank higher in the LinkedIn Search Engine (free SEO, you are welcome!).

As you continue developing your profile, make sure you use all the space available with your keywords, particularly in your header, Summary and job titles; otherwise, you will never be found in the Google and LinkedIn search engines.

Check out my profile for inspiration and feel free to steal my special characters for artistic emphasis (just copy and paste). Welcome to my network!



Your Success is My Focus

Gary reports a 70% success rate using the Rick Hunter Strategy. You can see his post here.

Try it, report back, and let us know your success rate!

I invite your comments and questions and your likes and shares!

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