12 Tips For Using Instagram To Take Your Social Media Marketing To The Next Level…

Take 400 million accounts that share 80 billion photos and videos a month and what do you have?  Instagram.  With Instagram you have an engaged audience that is ready for targeted marketing.  Starbucks, Nordstrom, and Nike use Instagram – shouldn’t you?  Facebook makes it easy for you to do so right from their Facebook Business area.


Here are 12 tips for using Instagram for your business:

  1. Instagram is a visual environment (duh!), so your photos and videos need to be of the highest quality.  The optimal photo size for Instagram is 1080 pixels by 1080 pixels.  You can do vertical and horizontal pictures on Instagram, but square pictures are best, so set your camera for square pictures for optimal results.  Make your stuff so good that people want to share it!
  2. Develop a distinctive look that you use consistently to deepen your branding.  Your business name, logo, colors, and appearance all contribute to how people think and feel about your business.  Get every aspect of your branding working together for best results on Instagram and elsewhere.  For Instagram, the Instagram Layout app can help with this.
  3. Use Instagram’s Search and Explore feature to identify other Instagrammers who are passionate about your niche.  You can also invite Facebook friends to follow you on Instagram.  Use these means to grow your audience.
  4. Set up your Instagram posts to send prospects to a landing page to secure their email addresses.  As Nathan Latka says, “Use social media to capture leads, not make sales.”  Place the link that sends prospects to your landing page in your Instagram bio in the area labeled Website.
  5. Use sponsored ads to boost your views.  You can take advantage of sponsored ads on Instagram through the Facebook Business interface within Facebook.
  6. You won’t know how well your Instagram posts are doing unless you use something like the link shortener bit.ly which will tell you how much traffic your Instagram posts and ads are picking up for you.
  7. Use Instagram’s Explore feature to discover trending hashtags.  Those trending hashtags may give you some great ideas on what to post and you’ll get more traffic as you ride the waves of strong trends.
  8. Share the love.  Whenever you can, tag others and watch what happens – often they’ll tag you right back and you’ve broadened your reach.
  9. Use emojis and emoticons.  Feelings grab people in ways that straight rational thought doesn’t – this is one reason for the power of photos and video.  It’s also the reason to use emojis and emoticons.   These symbols add emotional depth to communication.  If you’ve been told that emojis and emoticons are not professional, don’t believe it.  While that may be true in some industries, in digital marketing, they are golden.
  10. Have a call to action in your Instagram posts for your business.  Tell your prospects what you want them to do and guess what?  Some will do what you ask!
  11.  Vary your approach with photos and videos.  Predictability is boring, so mix it up, offer a variety of approaches, and watch your engagement with prospects take off!
  12. Partner with Instagram influencers to raise your own influence level.  Instagram influencer marketing is a powerful way to increase your brand awareness and sales.

Those are my 12; what would you add?  As always, I welcome your comments.


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