INSTAGRAM MARKETING STRATEGY An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Instagram Marketing Strategy

With over 1 billion monthly users and 500 million using the Stories feature every day, Instagram has become one of the best social media networks for marketing. Need more proof? How about this:

  • 90% of the world’s top brands are on Instagram.
  • 85% of the world’s top companies are on Instagram.
  • Over 600 million Instagram users seek and discover new products on Instagram.

According to Omnicore, “More than 100 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram each day. ” So, how can you cut through that blizzard of content and make Instagram an effective part of your marketing strategy?

Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

  1. Create a personal bio that tells your audience who you are and what you do. Be sure to include a powerful call to action with a link to your website.
  2. Do a competitive analysis to see what your competitors are posting.
  3. Post high-quality pictures and videos that are relevant to your niche and business. Eye candy alone won’t move the needle for your business. Attractive, engaging images that drive traffic to your website will be those that connect with your audience in such a way that they will click on your link to get to your content. The images you use, the copy that you write that accompany your images, the hashtags you use, are all part of the process of building your audience.
  4. Start liking and following other people in your niche. Connecting with people interested in your niche is a great way to build your audience by connecting with those you know are already interested in your what you have to offer. Click here for a great tool for automating this process.
  5. Post on a regular, consistent basis. Whether it’s once a day, several times a day, every other day, the more you post, the bigger your audience and the greater your engagement will be.
  6. Vary your content. Use images, video, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live video, and Instagram TV to mix it up and keep your audience engaged.
  7. Work as hard on your captions as you would on a headline or subject line – that is, if you put sufficient time into your headlines and subject lines. For Instagram, your captions can be up to 2,200 characters long, but readers will only see the first 3 or 4 lines unless they click on “More.” Simply Measured reports that a geotag means 79% more engagement, so add a geotag your Instagram content.
  8. Always, always, always include a call to action. Ask for a like, follow, or share. Use your caption to get people to your bio link where they can click to your website home page, a blog post, a landing page, or a sales page.
  9. Use hashtags to build your audience. Put your keywords and keyword phrases into hashtags to help others find your content. Instagram uses hashtags to aggregate content. Use Instagram’s Explore tab to find popular posts and relevant hashtags for your content.
  10. Link your Instagram page to your Facebook page for even better results.

What would you add to this?

I invite your comments and questions, and your likes and shares!

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