What Is Information Marketing?

Information marketing is the promoting and selling products which provide solutions common problems.  These products often come in the form of e-books, videos, software, audio programs, or live coaching sessions.

Why should you consider information marketing?

  1.  Information marketing is a way to use the knowledge and expertise that you possess to help others.  Once you create products from your knowledge and expertise you can sell them over and over again.  The profit potential is huge.
  2. One of the great plusses of information marketing is the low overhead that makes this an easy field to enter.  I began my information business for $5.33 – that was my start-up cost.
  3. Once you’ve established your first product your buyers will be open to buying other products from you.  You can expand by creating an entire product line to help your customers.  Repeat business from satisfied customers can grow your business exponentially.
  4. With automation your information marketing business can work for you 24/7, even when your sleeping or vacationing.
  5. Automation also means that you don’t need a lot of staff.  In fact, there are many information marketers who run their entire business with no staff whatsoever and a few sub-contractors.

So, where do you start?  Start with what you know.  What are you passionate about?  Some of the popular areas of help are health, wealth, and relationships.

In information marketing, you take your expertise, develop a product around that expertise, and market it.   Information marketing is an opportunity to help others in an area that you know and love.

Once you have created your information product, you can sell it many times over to new customers that you find through online marketing.  You don’t need any warehouse to store your goods and you don’t need to endure the time and effort of shipping your product. Everything is done online, including payment to you.

Since information products are digital, your marketing and selling is done online.  With a laptop and an internet connection, you can work from home or wherever you are.   All this keeps your costs low, and provides you with high profit margins.

If you want to know more, check out my next post on how to do information marketing above.

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