How’s Your Page Speed?

According to a study done by Missouri School of Science and Technology, a first impression of your website is made in two-tenths of a second.  A second finding of that study is that after another 2.6 seconds, that first impression is reinforced as the eyes of a visitor are focused on an area of your page that influences that first impression.

What happens when your page loads slowly?  According to Social Media Examiner, “53% of all mobile visits are abandoned if a page doesn’t load within 3 seconds,” and “Half of all of your visitors expect pages to load in less than 2 seconds.”  Users today are primed for fast experiences and immediate results.

According to Google Chrome Developers, “75% of users rate speed as the most important part of the user experience (UX).  Plus, mobile loading speed is a major factor in Google search results.

2 Easy Steps to Improve Your Page Speed

So, how can you speed up your website in just two easy steps?

  1. Use this Google site to test how fast your website loads on mobile devices:
  2.   Use Google’s recommended fixes to speed up your website loading.  Google will give you optimization suggestions and how to fix what is slowing down your page loading.

I tested this website and got the “Page is mobile friendly” assessment.  There were some page loading issues that I can address, but the most important part of the test was the assessment that my site is mobile friendly.  How about yours?

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