How Using Keyword Intent Can Build Your Business


Keywords are one of the most essential elements of search engine page ranking and understanding how they work can improve your business. Get your keywords right, and your page ranking will improve.  That should lead to more visitors and sales.  Get them wrong and you will be buried.

When you understand the intentions of searchers, you can craft your content with keywords to reach them.  There are four main keyword intent, and when you fashion your content according to the right keyword intent, you will attract the best traffic for your website and business.

Here are the four main keyword intent categories:

1. Informational Intent

Most searches are looking for information, and your keywords can help others find your content.  If you want people to find your content, make sure you’ve focused on keywords that lead people to your content.  This post is on keyword intent and as I set up the SEO for this post I will list it under “keyword intent.” I use Yoast SEO on this WordPress site, and I recommend it.

2. Navigational Intent

Navigational intent means searches looking for a particular website.  If people know about your site and want to find it, this is the kind of search that they would do.  This kind of search would include your brand name, or what the searcher remembers about your website url.

An example of this could be someone trying to find the website for a retail store.  They might just type in and see if they got it right.  If they got it wrong, Google or another search site might say, “did you mean”  They might just type in bigstore and see what the search engine comes up with.

3. Investigational Intent

This kind of search goes after comparisons between businesses and products.  Maybe someone would like to see the options for t-shirt printing in their town.  This would be an investigational intent search.  Perhaps someone else wants to do an analysis of their competition.  This too would be an investigational intent search.

4. Transactional Intent

This has been called “the Holy Grail of search marketing.”  Typical key words in a transactional intent search would be “buy, purchase, best price, coupon, or discount.”  People doing a transactional intent search are ready to buy.

As you set up your blog posts and landing pages, keep in mind the four types of keyword intent.  These could help you gain more views, followers, and buyers.

The following graphic illustrates how different keyword intent fits different stages of the buying process.

What would you add to this?  I invite your comments and questions, and your likes and shares.


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