Adding social media to regular emails has increased visitor traffic to this website by 37.5% year to year.  This increased readership is within 200 visitors of tripling monthly visitor traffic year to year. It was combining social media and email that has brought this massive increase in traffic.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, I hope that you’re convinced that email marketing is the most powerful means of marketing on this planet.  It’s true and I’ve given the stats many times.  I’ll do it again – email marketing can produce $38 for every $1 spent – that’s a 3800% return on investment.

But, how can you kick your email marketing into that higher gear of 3800% ROI?  By using social media to expand your reach.  When combined with email marketing, social media will kick your business into that higher gear and here’s how:

  • Use social media engagement to capture emails addresses.  Social media can be a form of networking that builds your email list.  This post will be promoted through Facebook and Twitter – doing this will expand your reach and can build your readership and subscriber base.  By the way, AWeber makes this very easy to do.
  • Using social media and email along with content marketing creates a powerful tripod.  Social media and email can direct attention to your content and your content can  produce leads for your email list.
  • Use your email list to build social engagement.  This is the reverse of using social media to capture email addresses.  As your social engagement grows, so will your email list and sales.  Engaging with your subscribers via social media is a great way to deepen the relationship.
  • Are you using Twitter cards to build your email list?  Twitter cards are an ad format that will drive traffic from your tweets to your website and produce sales.
  • Did you know that 84% of a business’ Facebook fans are current customers?  That’s according to DDB, and so one of the most essential reasons for using social media is to stay in touch with your customer base.  Those who have already bought from you are most likely to make another purchase – these are your golden business relationships.
  • Did you know that you can upload your subscriber lists to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms?  If you’re using Facebook, check out how this works with their Custom Audience Feature.
  • Retargeting ads on Facebook and Twitter can boost your bottom line by putting your ads in front of those who have responded to your emails.
  • Use social sharing buttons to spread your valuable content far and wide.  Make sure you include an opportunity to subscribe to your email list.
  • Jay Baer of suggests that the goal for integrating email and Facebook is to get email optins and Facebook likes.  This is one way to power up your business through the email/social media combo.

Here’s a way to think about Facebook and your email subscriber list(s) courtesy of Baer:

  • Facebook likes = email subscribers
  • Facebook unlikes = email unsubscribers
  • Facebook impressions = email opens
  • Facebook feedback = email clicks
  • Facebook shares = email shares

Here are two quick tips for integrating social media and email marketing:

First, add social media sharing buttons to your website.  Your website may be your point of introduction, so should someone land there, why not make it easy for them to “recommend” you to others through social media sharing?

Second, always, always, always, share the news about new blog posts through social media. This way you alert your social media followers about your new content and anyone else who happens to find you on social media.  This will build your following and grow your email list.

Some questions about your current business practices:

  • How are you currently integrating email marketing and social media?
  • How can you use social media to elevate your email marketing?
  • What can you do better on social media than through emails and vice-versa?

As always, I welcome your comments (and shares!).

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How to combine social media and email to boost business.

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