How To Launch A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Looking to turn the internet into your own, private ATM through affiliate marketing?  So are many others.  The truth is that as millennials and post-millennials age, the affiliate marketing space will grow with them.  Affiliate marketing is a booming industry that has huge potential for astronomical profits.

What many affiliate marketers don’t realize is that it takes effective advertising and marketing to drive sales.  Affiliate marketing is a business based on marketing the products of others, and this requires two areas of expertise: marketing AND advertising.  Without both, you are not likely to succeed.

Without effective advertising, your marketing efforts will come not result in sufficient sales to be profitable.  When your income is dependent on making sales, your advertising copy is what either creates those sales or drives buyers away.  This is why Irresistible Influence Marketing is focused on training you to become your own advertising copywriter.

The marketing side of the business is finding the right target audience for the products being advertised.  Quality content marketing can help the right target audience find you.  This helps in two ways.

First, when you use your website as your content showroom, you give potential customers opportunities for multiple “touches.” One of the most basic principles of marketing today is that it takes at least seven touches to make a sale.  Every time you create new and valuable content, you create a quality touch point for your target audience.

Second, your website not only helps you showcase your knowledge and expertise, it also gives you a place to invite people to sign up to your email list.  With an email list, you can multiply your touches by providing even more quality content and quality touches.

How can you profit from affiliate marketing?

First, plan your business around campaigns.  Choose one or two products a week and write your website content to support those campaigns.

Second, stay consistent.  Build your business plan around consistently placing your affiliate products in front of your target audience through your email list, your website, social media, and paid advertising.  The more channels you use, the more likely you are to reach buyers.  The opposite of this is also true: the fewer channels you use, the less likely you are to reach buyers.

Let’s walk through the design of an affiliate marketing campaign.

How To Do An Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Step One: Choose your niche and choose your products.  Once you’ve decided on your niche, choose the products that you are going to promote.  These products should already have a proven record of sales – you are looking for products to promote that you know will sell. All affiliate marketing websites have a measure for this – choose to sell winners and you’re already ahead.

Step Two: Get the links for your chosen product and consult the sales page for help in writing your advertising copy for the product.  It’s a good practice to research how others are selling this product for added insight for your own campaign.

Step Three: Create your advertising.  Think about Advertising Angles, headlines, and product benefits that you will highlight in your advertising copy.  If you’re using email, plan out a series of emails for your campaign.

In this step, take some cues from others who are selling this product.  Look at their ads, sales pages, reviews, and not only for this product but for other products in your niche.  Inspiration often comes from a wide variety of sources.  This is why experience advertising copywriters often keep “swipe files.”  Swipe files consist of great ads that can serve as guides for your own advertising.

Step Four: Launch your campaign.  It is advisable to start any paid advertising with a low budgeted amount.  Make sure everything is set up correctly and you’re getting some results before you amp up your paid marketing.

Step Five: Monitor your campaign.  If you’re not getting the results you planned for, tweak your ads, maybe change your channels, but ONLY change one item at a time so that you can see whether your change results in better or worse performance.

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