How to Grow a Responsive Email List



According to Constant Contact, email marketing delivers the highest return on investment of any form of advertising.  The key is a responsive email list.

Millionaire Internet Marketer Alex Jeffries talks about an IM colleague who made a tidy sum from a list of 500 subscribers.  How did he do it?  He cultivated a highly targeted list that was highly responsive to his emails and sales pages.




Many internet marketers grow a list that responds to very few emails.  What is the point of having a list of thousands of unresponsive subscribers?  You certainly can’t profit from a list like that.  The question is, how do you cultivate a list with the kind of activity that Alex Jeffries’ colleague managed to engender?  Here are some tips.




First, cultivate is the essential practice.  Cultivate, nurture, treat your list like gold.  If your list sees you as an internet spammer rather than someone they know, like, and trust who sends them valuable information, your internet business is dead.  All those subscribers that you worked hard to add to your list will be worthless.  To you, anyway.  How do you cultivate and nurture your list?




One great way to nurture your list is to put all your resources to work for your email subscribers.  When your content is spread through emails, your website, and social media you’re giving your email subscribers multiple opportunities to access your wisdom and engage with you.




Next, invite your list to interact with you.  They can do this through simply replying to your email, or they can comment on a blog post, or converse with you on social media.  When your email list is chatting with you online, you’re on your way.  When they’re buying your products, you’ve connected with your subscribers in the right way.

Use these tips and you will create the ROI that makes your internet business profitable.

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