How to Generate FREE Website Traffic!

You work hard writing great content for your blog; are you mystified about how to get people to read your gems?  Join the club.  For most bloggers, especially those who are just starting out, organic traffic is what we’re after.  

Today, we’re really going organic.  Not pumpkins, but pumpkin hacking.  This oddly named SEO tactic will boost your organic traffic and generate leads.

First, if you’re unfamiliar with organic traffic, this is what it means, courtesy of Omniconvert: “Organic traffic is the opposite of paid traffic, which defines the visits generated by paid ads. Visitors who are considered organic find your website after using a search engine like Google or Bing, so they are not “referred” by any other website.”

In my area, we have a number of farms that grow pumpkins and you can watch the progress in the fields in the fall each year.  You can count on it: every year there’s a story on the local news about a giant pumpkin grown locally.  Wouldn’t you like to have a “giant pumpkin” on your website that goes viral?  That’s the power of pumpkin hacking.

The Pumpkin Hacking Method

  1. Plant your seeds.  The seeds you plant are your content.  Publish new content on a regular basis and track what content gets the most views.  Great content gets great search engine rankings, so make sure that your new content is the best that you can create.  Create your content around powerful keywords and long-tail key phrases that will attract interest and further boost your rankings.  Pay attention to your meta titles and descriptions as these will also help your rankings.
  2. Nurture your seeds.  Promotion is how you get your seeds to grow.  This can happen through social media, email,   Once you’ve established a good base of content, build internal links to help visitors find more relevant content on your site.
  3. Prune and weed.  Did you know that poorly trafficked pages will hurt your SEO?  Those weak pages are sucking up precious web crawling time and downgrading your content.  You can improve these pages or delete them.  Updating content is always a good thing to do, and when it comes to poorly performing pages, it is essential, unless the best action is getting rid of them.
  4. Nurture your best fruit.  Have you heard of Miracle-Gro?  It’s amazing stuff.  I’ve applied it to my tomatoes and it does work.  The same thing holds true for your best content.  Update your best performers, making them better and more attractive.  Something you wrote years ago may be a great performer – update it, make it even better, and feature it.
  5. Once you have plenty of content, identify your top performers and focus your efforts on those content topics.   Your top performers are those that have the most reads, shares, and backlinks.

That’s pumpkin hacking, and it can work for you.

12 More Ideas for Generating Free Organic Traffic

Here are 12 more proven tactics to drive more traffic to your blog.  Most of these blogging tips are free and they are all effective.

  1. Understand your audience.  What makes them tick?  What content will be most appealing to them?  How can you best help them achieve their goals?
  2. Be constantly learning.  If you are growing in your knowledge of your niche, you will have fresh, new ideas to share with your audience.  Very few readers want to consume the same old content – in fact, regurgitating the same basic information will turn off your readers.  Give them something truly valuable that comes from your growing personal knowledge base.
  3. Write about what your niche cares about.  It’s not just generating more traffic – it is about generating traffic from the most likely potential buyers.  You can get some good ideas about what is hot in your niche from Google Trends, and BuzzSumo.  If you need help with keywords, Semrush is a great place to go.
  4. As you begin to approach your topic, consider how you can create content that stands out from the crowd.  How is your content going to be better than everything else that is out there?  Offer your own unique perspective on the topics that your cover.  This will build your brand as you develop your voice, your unique take on what you’re blogging about.
  5. Write better headlines.  Headlines are what drive much of your traffic to your blog.  If your headlines (or subject lines for emails) don’t interest potential readers, you are not going to be able to drive traffic to your blog.  If you need help with this, get my free report on THE 10 ULTIMATE HEADLINE FORMULAS TO MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFITS.
  6. Your email list can and should be a regular source of readers for your blog.  Not only your subject lines, but your content also needs to interest them enough to make them regular readers.  This is a corollary to “the money is in the list.”  One of the ways that you draw the money from your list is demonstrating on your blog that you are an authority to be trusted in your niche.
  7. Are you using social media to drive traffic to your blog?  I’ve got some help for you on this: click here.
  8. Use images to boost interest in your blog.  We live in a visual world culture.  Put pictures, infographics, videos, graphs and charts into your posts and watch your readership and shares grow.
  9. Speaking about shares, do you have social share buttons on your website?    You’ve got to make it easy for your readers to share your content if you want them to do so.  Nothing is easier than social sharing buttons.
  10. A “click to tweet” widget inside your blog posts is another great way to encourage your readers to share your content.  Pick a great quote, set it up with the “click to tweet” widget, and you’re good to go on this.
  11. Is your blog design holding you back?  An amateurish design can signal to potential readers that your blog isn’t worth their time.  My next post will go into depth on this.  Right now, consider whether your blog design is serving your business goals.  Does it generate leads?  Does it generate sales?  What can you do to your blog design to generate more leads and sales?
  12. How is your blog’s loading time?  We live in an impatient world and if your blog takes a long time to load some potential readers that you want to drive to your website will likely go elsewhere.  You can check your blog’s loading time at  To find out what’s slowing your website down, go to Google Page Speed Insights.

Those are my twelve best tips on driving traffic to your blog.  What would you add?  I welcome your comments and questions, and your likes and shares.

Give us your thoughts, comments or questions, and your likes and shares.

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