How to Access 2.5 Million Visitors a Month

Kissmetrics reports that Digg receives 2.5 million visitors per month, has a PageRank of 8, and and their Domain Authority is 100.  Plus, Digg is more marketer-friendly than Reddit.  While Reddit is higher in Alexa U.S. and worldwide rankings, Digg is much more marketer-friendly. Digg also has a much more attractive look than Reddit, which can help your Digg marketing efforts.

There was a time when Digg was known for sending server-crashing traffic to websites, but that has subsided.  Digg’s been around for a relatively long time, it was launched in 2004, and it was once the biggest social news site on the web.   While other websites have surpassed Digg in popularity, it is still a significant player.  It was revamped in 2012, and this is what Slate says about Digg now:

 “Digg captures a snapshot of all of the Web’s hottest streams. Then it presents a smart, gorgeous, editorially coherent digest of what’s popular online. Other sites have attempted this, but the new Digg is the first place that does it well.

I agree. There’s a reason why Neil Patel, Jeff Bullas, Social Media Examiner, and others in the internet marketing world are on Digg – it is an excellent platform to share your best stuff.  Neil Rodriguez says that Digg can deliver “anywhere from 1,000 to 1.3 million page views in mere days.”  What would that level of traffic do for your business?

If your wondering how many “Diggs” it takes to really get noticed, here are some relevant stats from  2016.  Last year, the top Digg “author” got 34 Diggs.  The top story got 144 Diggs, and the top video got 443 Diggs.

Digg is a social news site like Reddit, and also like Reddit, the community votes thumbs up or thumbs down on content.  The more positive ratings, the more likely your content will be seen f by others.  How do you get those positive ratings that boost your audience?  As always, it starts with great content.  Given that, here are my 12 tips for using Digg for marketing.

12 Tips for Using Digg for Marketing

  1. Create an account.  Go to, click on the sign in/sign up button and get started.  You’ll be asked to connect your Digg account with either your Twitter, Facebook, or Google account.  Then create your profile.
  2. Grow your tribe.  The more active you are on Digg, the more people will see your profile, connect with you, and be receptive to what you have to offer.  Digg other people’s content, submit posts, make friends, network and comment.  Being involved on Digg will help your chances of getting your content noticed by others.  By the way, unintelligent comments like “This is awesome” will hurt you.  Make thoughtful comments to build your credibility and audience.
  3. Pay attention to any comments that your submissions elicit.  Conversations build friendships and friendships can blossom into business relationships (but don’t be mercenary about this – always be genuine, authentic, real).
  4. Browse the Digg website to get a feel for what content makes it big on Digg.
  5. Like Reddit, the Digg community hates self-promotion.  Just as people don’t like pushy salespeople, Diggers don’t like to be sold.  Don’t do it!  Offer good, helpful information to get positive Digg community responses.
  6. Write a great headline.  Like advertising, email marketing, and your blog, great headlines are where to start.  Don’t write great content and think that people will automatically find it and read it.  A great headline is what gets readers.
  7. Use a great image to accompany your great headline.  Go to Digg and observe the quality of the images used on the homepage.  Match or exceed that quality in order to get noticed.  If you are fortunate enough to get into the Digg Deeper
  8. Don’t Digg your own posts – this is a Digg no-no.  And be smart about submitting your own content.  It would be better to ask a friend to submit your content.  Also, Digg checks IP addresses, so if your whole office likes your content it will be downgraded.
  9. Put a Digg social button on your website and encourage readers to share your content to Digg.
  10. There is a category on Digg called “Long Reads, but generally, short content is best.  You can see this when you compare the top story on Digg (144 Diggs) to the top Long Read (86 Diggs).  Keep it short if you want to really score big.
  11. What kind of content is popular on Digg?  Lists, how-to guides, tutorials, and videos (as you can see above).
  12. Connect with influencers in your niche.  Digg is a great place to connect with the tribal chiefs in your niche.  Digg their content and comment on it.  If they add you to their friends list, hopefully they’ll comment on your content, and that in itself will drive traffic to you.

Those are my 12 best tips for using Digg for marketing; what would you add?  As always, I welcome your comments and questions, and your likes and shares (especially shares to Digg!).


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