How JJ Tripled His Conversion Rate


Does tripling your conversions sound like bogus hype or unrealistic nonsense to you? Consider Jeff Johnson.  Jeff runs an internet business and did a “simple split test” of two headlines for one of his products.  As he says,

“The winning headline and pre-headline combination converted my traffic into leads at a 350% better conversion rate than the loser (the final confidence rating of the test was 98% so it’s safe to say that the winner is truly the winner).”

That is the power of headlines.  Johnson explains what tripling your conversion rate means – it means having to spend 70% less for the same results.  Or spending the same amount and reaping much higher results.  Either way, you win.

If you’re using free traffic to build your list, Jeff says you’ll build it three times faster.  Again, that’s the power of headlines.  Without good headlines, you will not grab the readers who become customers or clients.  With great headlines you can dramatically increase your conversion rate.  Jeff did and you can.

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