How Does Information Marketing Work?



Unless you’re selling physical products, if you are an internet marketer, you are an information marketer.  You have knowledge that is valuable to others and it can be marketed.  For the type of Information marketing that I am speaking about in this post, there are three necessary areas that you create, or someone creates for you: a squeeze page, a sales page, and a download area.

A “squeeze page” is generally a web page that a prospect or “lead” goes to in order to obtain a free information product.  The free information product is often called a “lead magnet” because it’s work is to pull in leads or prospects for your business.  Your squeeze page is a place for a very simple transaction: you exchange a free product for an email address.  Your prospects provide their email address on your squeeze page, and they are directed to a download area for their free information product.

Then a information marketing process begins.  As we know from many different sources, it often takes seven or more “touches” to trigger a sale.  The first “touch” could be a Facebook ad or a blog post like this one.  A second touch could be your squeeze page.  The third touch would then be your download page and your fourth touch would be the free information product that you exchanged for an email address.

In the free information product, the prospect is invited to learn more by going to the “sales page” which explains more about the main product that you offer for sale.  If they decide to buy what you are selling, they are able to download it from your download area.

It is a simple process that can be used to sell a number of products, but with information marketing you have all the advantages that I mentioned in the “What Is Information Marketing?” post last Thursday.

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