Have You Done A Year-End Review?

A year-end review can strike fear in the heart of many an employee.

If you’re an employee, it can be the most dreaded time of the year.  But, if you’re running your own business, it can be one of the most beneficial times of the year.  As boss of your own company, a year-end review can help you launch a new year in the very best possible way.  So, how do you do a review that will set you up for success in 2018?

First, your mindset needs to be brutally honest.  You’re doing this review for improvement and you can’t improve what you won’t admit needs improvement.

Second, put it in writing.  This is something that can be a guiding document for the new year.  Don’t let this be just a mental exercise that is quickly forgotten.  Plan your work and work your plan to achieve your highest goals.

Start with the positives.  What went right in 2018? What were your highest achievements?  Where did you see real improvement over 2017?  What were the challenges in 2018 that you overcame?  What did you learn?

To what extent did you achieve your goals for 2018?  

Next, let’s move into areas of concern.   What do you still need to do to complete what hasn’t yet been achieved?  What are the challenges that persist into 2019?  What can you improve upon in 2019 that was a roadblock for you in 2018?

Acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them.  Think about how your challenges can help you create a better plan for moving forward into the new year.

Don’t fixate on your weaknesses, but don’t ignore them either. This review is for your benefit – don’t sabotage it by leaving out what could be most helpful.

What goals will you set for your business and your personal performance for 2019?  What will you continue that will help you meet your goals?  What will you change that will help you meet your goals? What will you get rid of that is not contributing to your reaching your goals?

Finally, what is your personal development plan for 2019?  What are the areas of your business that need most improvement and how will you build your competencies in these areas?  How do you intend to improve yourself in these areas?  What do you need to do to put you in the best position to succeed in 2019?  What would contribute to your greatest success in the new year?

Take your year-end review seriously and it could be your greatest growth tool for the new year.

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