Getting On Yahoo News

Last week in a comment, Magda said that she found this website while searching on Yahoo News.  That was news to me, and when I searched “Tony Seel Yahoo News” I came up blank.

But Magda asked an interesting question:

Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there!
Appreciate it.

I promised Magda that this week I would blog on how to get on Yahoo News. I researched it and found a number of blog posts elsewhere on how to achieve this goal, but honestly, I didn’t find them very helpful.  Then I discovered a link:

That link is all that you need to submit articles to Yahoo News.  As you may have noticed, Yahoo and Tumblr are both in that link. Yahoo bought Tumblr in 2014, then in June of this year, Yahoo was gobbled up by Verizon.  What this means for Yahoo, Tumblr, and other properties now under the Verizon banner like Flickr is not perfectly clear at this time.

Why would you want to submit articles to Yahoo News?  Why wouldn’t you?  Yahoo ranks fourth in the world and fifth in the U.S., according to  Yahoo ranks first for “news and media.”

Pew Research reported in 2014 that 24% of respondents to a survey they conducted said that they used Yahoo News in a typical week.

That’s a huge audience, so submit your articles to Yahoo News as I did just a few minutes ago and let’s see what is picked up by them and posted.

If you have any experience with submitting articles to Yahoo News that they published, please let us know in the Comments Section.

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