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I could have titled this “What I learned from Bryan Harris, but the headline above summarizes so well what this post is about.  I was on a webinar last week with Bryan Harris of VideoFruit and I’d like to pass on some of his best insights to you.  He has some great ideas on how to get more leads that produce more sales that you can use to grow your email list and your business.

Let’s start where he started, with Netflix vs. Blockbuster.  Remember Blockbuster?  They were the video rental giant when stores were the way to rent videos.  Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and now they’re history.

Netflix started as video subscription service that mailed DVDs to your home.  In 2007, Netflix went into streaming video, and the rest is making history.  In 2010, Netflix expanded from the United States to Canada, and the next year they were in Latin America and the Caribbean.   The following infographic tells the story of Netflix,  Blockbuster, and some other players.  The point is that innovation is the key to continued success, but read on.

The ability to innovate made Netflix an incredible success.  They implemented the right strategies in the right order at the right time.  That last sentence is key – read it again.   VideoFruit promotes a strategy that they call PPO, which is short for Partnership, Promotion, and Optimization.  Let’s go through each part of that strategy.


Find someone who has an audience of likely buyers of what you’re selling, and ask them to do a webinar with you.  On the webinar, teach on your niche and show people your expertise.  At the end of the webinar, pitch your product.

What does this approach do for you?  First, you are getting an audience from an influencer.  Their credibility is being lent to you.  Second, you get the email addresses of an audience that you’ve targeted as primed for what you have to sell, so right off, you’re building your list.  Third, with a good webinar presentation, you can make a few sales right off, even before you’ve done your stuff with your email marketing.

After the webinar, you split the profits with your partner, and you start marketing to your new subscribers.  So, how do you complete this first step of the PPO strategy?

  1. Find a potential partner, pitch your proposal, and book the webinar.
  2. Create the offer that you’ll sell on the webinar.  It could be your own product or an affiliate product.
  3. Create the webinar and host it.
  4. Send out a series of emails to insure that your audience shows up to the webinar.

How do you find potential partners?  

  1. Go through your personal relationships, including your email list, phone list, social media contacts, and current customers.   Make a list of your potential partners.
  2. Do an internet search for influencers in your niche.  Use your favorite search engine and Buzzsumo to find them.  Look for people who are in your general area, but not selling products similar to your own.  For example, if you’re selling a fitness exercise program, you might find some companies who sell fitness or energy pills.
  3. Pitch your proposal.  This is what VideoFruit says about this step:

Here are the 3 major things you are looking to lock down on that call…

  1. The date and time of the webinar
  2. The contributing item that the partner will add to the pitch (usually an info product of some sort)
  3. The promotion plan for the partner (email + social + ppc sequences)

And these are the 3 major things you want to make sure they know about the promo.

  1. What the offer on the webinar will be
  2. What the educational content on the webinar will be
  3. How commissions are structured and will be paid out.

Create Your Webinar Offer

The parts of this step include: choosing the product you will offer, what bonuses you will offer.  The typical offer includes three or more bonuses.  Three of these are generally a bonus from your partner, a bonus from you, and a bonus for those who buy on the webinar.

Create Your Webinar and Host It

Videofruit offers a helpful outline for a webinar.  Here it is:

Our webinar framework:

  1. Title slide (< 2 minutes)
  2. Introduction section (15 minutes)
    1. Introduce yourself (< 60 seconds)
    2. Introduce your big promise (1 minute)
    3. Housekeeping (< 3 minutes)
    4. Debunk the old framework (5 minutes)
    5. Introduce the new framework (5 minutes)
  3. Training section (15-30 minutes)
    1. Introduce training (1 minute)
    2. Tip #1 (5-10 minutes)
    3. Tip #2 (5-10 minutes)
    4. Tip #3 (5-10 minutes)
  4. Pitch section (20-30 minutes)
    1. Two options for moving forward (3 minutes)
    2. Introduce the product/service idea (5-10 minutes)
    3. Show the product/service idea (5-10 minutes)
    4. Show them the webinar deal (5-10 minutes)
  5. Closure (< 3 minutes)


Promote your webinar anyway that you like, but be sure to promote it to your email list.  For your email marketing, there are two phases.  Phase One is about getting an audience for the webinar.  Phase Two is about getting buyers after the webinar.

In Phase One, secure attendees.  After they’ve agreed to come to the webinar, send them a registration acknowledgement email.  Send a reminder 24 hours before the webinar starts.  Send a second reminder email one hour before the webinar, and send a third reminder fifteen minutes before the seminar kicks off.

In Phase Two, send an email offering a replay of the webinar.  Since turnout for webinars generally runs in the 30-40% area, a replay of the webinar is important to boost the number of those exposed to your webinar content.

Send out a second email that recaps the content of the webinar.  A third email is sent to remind your subscribers of the deadline for your offer.


Bryan Harris explains Videofruit’s optimization strategy in a pdf that you can access here.  Let’s go through the elements.

  1. Produce a video, or videos that explain some aspect of your business.  Put your face on them, introduce yourself, and explain how your video is going to help potential customers and clients.
  2. Make the home page and your landing pages irresistible.  This includes an irresistible headline for your lead magnet offer with short, but compelling body copy, and a strong p.s.
  3. Have an opt-in box in the sidebar of your blog, like the one in the top right corner of this blog.
  4. Build your email list the right way.  I’ll have more on this shortly, so stay tuned.
  5. Use an autoresponder to send out a series of emails to the new subscribers to your list.  Bryan sends out a total of ten emails and here’s how he does it: he sends three daily emails, takes a day off,  and then sends a fourth email.  He takes another day off and then sends another email, followed by two emails on day eight.  He sends three more emails on day nine.  See what this looks like by clicking on the “access here” link above.   Here’s a summary of the email sequence:
  • Day 1: Sign-Up Confirmation / Video #1 Delivery
  • Day 2: “What are you fears?” email
  • Day 3: Video #2 Delivery
  • Day 5: Video #3 Delivery
  • Day 6: Cart Open #1
  • Day 7: Cart Open #2
  • Day 8 (AM): Cart Close Reminder
  • Day 8 (PM): Cart Close Final Reminder

Those are the basics of Bryan Harris’ PPO strategy.  So, where should you start?  First, choose a product that you want to promote and create a lead magnet that fits with that product.  Second, set up a sales funnel with up and down sells from that initial product.  Here’s his take on the funnel framework:

Next, run the PPO strategy.  It make sound complicated, but take it one step at a time.  Build a strong foundation for your business and everything can run on autopilot.

I invite your comments and questions, and your likes and share.







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