Free Report: 10 Proven Headline Formulas to Double Your Sales

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Do you know what the most important aspect of your advertising? That’s right, it’s your headlines.  Without great headlines you cannot create great sales.  Great headlines give you the chance to explain to readers why they need your product or service.

Without a great headline, people aren’t going to be persuaded to read the rest of your ad.  So, how do you create great headlines?  This is where to start:

You can have a great photo or graphic, great copy, and great page design, but it’s your headline that drives prospects to read your copy.

One problem is that for many marketers, bloggers, and writers, the headline is not where they spend their time.  Despite what many believe, the headline isn’t the finishing touch – it’s the vital touchpoint that determines whether anyone is going to read the rest of what you’ve written for them.

That’s why you need this:

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  • March 3, 2017 at 10:15 am

    You’re right. I did have a bias – I feel that if you’re setting yourself up as a social media expert by providing material on the topic that you charge for, a Twitter account is a good indicator of social media expertise.

    Thanks for your comment, Jonathan. My Twitter user name is @TonySeelNY. What’s yours?


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