Fear & Greed – that’s it?


No, that’s not it, but if you read some copywriting “experts” that’s all you get.  There’s more to copywriting than just pushing two buttons.  You know that human beings are complex creatures, so why would anyone think that you can resort to just two emotions to motivate sales?

When you became an internet marketer you may not have understood that you need to be a copywriter, but you either need to become one or hire one.  Guess which one is less expensive and can work best for you?  If you’re going to be your own copywriter, you are going to need to understand human emotions.

The truth is that a wide range of emotions can lead to sales and if you’re limiting yourself to two of them, you are missing the mark for a lot of potential buyers.  Emotions can be strong feelings or weak ones depending on the moment.  Copywriters seek to stimulate strong feelings and those feelings can come from anger, passion, sadness, altruism, any number of psychological states.  There are literally dozens of emotions – how many are you tapping into with your copywriting?

You may not be a psychologist, but with a basic understanding of what motivates human beings to act, you can become a better copywriter.  A beginning understanding can come from this simple chart:

Emotion ==> Desire ==> Action

Simply put, emotion drives desire which in turn drives action.  Understand this dynamic and you are on your way to becoming a better copywriter.  Work at understanding human emotions and you can fill your copywriting palette with a lot more colors than fear and greed.  That will lead to better promotions and greater sales.

Try it and let me know how it works for you.  As always, I welcome your comments below.

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