Done For You: Scam or Your Way to Success?

Today’s Throwback Thursday post returns from November 2014.


Done for you programs are offered by a host of internet marketers and the question is whether they are worth what they cost.  Of course, it depends on the marketer, but can done for you programs be a good shortcut for a profitable online business?

Google “done for you internet business” like I did and you can see about 31.6 million results (if you’d like to scroll through screen after screen).  There are some horror stories out there, like this one from Wayne Sharer:

“One of the promises I was told over the phone was they would build my first product for me and market it. The price tag to do this was $15,000. So for $15,000 I was going to get a done for you business. This seemed quite reasonable to me because your typical retail franchise requires $500,000 or more to get started.

“This was also to include training so I could alternately take over my marketing myself. I was flown to Los Angeles. There was a training session held. It was weak at best.”

$15,000 is a lot of money, more money than I would put up for what I consider at best a speculative proposal.  I bought Done For You Commissions by James Francis for a small fraction of that after I had purchased lower priced internet marketing products from Francis.  I am happy with the work that was done for me.

I had tried to create my own internet business and failed to make a single dollar.  Nada, nothing, zero, you get the idea.

With Done for You Commissions I was up and running.  My website was redone and plug-ins were added that greatly improved my website performance.  An email sequence was created and everything was integrated.  I continue to use the same basic setup that I received through Done For You Commissions.

Through the process of setting everything up, I found the technical support to be first rate and through James Francis’ Six Figure Shortcut I learned the basics of internet marketing.

There are horror stories, but there are success stories also.  Understand that Done For You doesn’t generally mean that you do nothing.  You will have to do some work, and the more effort that you put into  your business, the more likely it is that you will be the next Done For You success story.


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