I received an email from Igor Kheifets about a new product that he’s introducing on building bridge pages and thought that I’d save you the time, money and trouble by explaining here how you can build a bridge page to increase your sales.

So, what’s a bridge page?  It’s a type of landing page for pre-selling for an affiliate product or your own product to a target audience that is different than the target audience that your sales page is designed for.

You can send email subscribers to your bridge page, or send traffic from a webinar or video.  You can create your bridge page for product reviews, recommendations, tips, lead capture, or a place to offer bonuses in conjunction with an affiliate product offer.  One way bridge pages are used is to review an affiliate product AND add bonuses to the affiliate offer.

Bridge pages are an opportunity for you to introduce yourself as an expert in your niche, which will strengthen your authority for selling affiliate products in your niche.

How to Create Bridge Pages

Here’s an effective way to build bridge pages:

First, put your offer in your headline.  What are you selling and what is the most appealing way that you can introduce your bridge page to your target audience?  If you’re writing a review article on a product, make that clear in your headline.

The body copy of the bridge page is designed around the benefits and features that are most advantageous for the target audience you have selected for the bridge page.

The “But Wait, There’s More” section is where you offer bonuses that are especially attractive to your new target audience.

Urgency is always important for closing the sale, so after the bonuses section, put a time limit on your offer.

Following your “limited time only” pitch, it is best to offer social proof.  This comes in the form of testimonials from happy customers.  Who has already used your product and gotten great results?

Finally, you make your personal pitch – put your picture on this call to action and make your persuasive appeal for action.

There’s a bonus for you in bridge pages if you design them correctly: new leads.  Put an opt-in form in your bridge pages so that the traffic that you drive to them is not lost to you forever. Use your bridge pages to build your list!

Bridge pages are especially effective when used with Facebook advertising. Write your ad in a conversational tone with an offer to provide more information valuable information for those who click through to your bridge page.  On your bridge page, develop the issue that sent prospects from Facebook to your page, and invite them to the sales page for the complete solution to the issue.  According to William Martin of iMarketForce.com, this process has increased conversations by as much as 300% in market tests.

Here’s a bridge page that I created.

Even if you don’t deploy bridge pages on your website, there are some insights that you can use from them.  For example, on your website, present valuable information that others can use for their lives or businesses, or both.  Keep your content informational and less salesy.  Do product reviews, tips, and recommendations, and definitely include opt-in forms.

Allow bridge pages to be your bridge to sales and profits, there’s no telling where they will take you!

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